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Boris and Horton Cafe
Boris and Horton Café, a Dog-Friendly Establishment, Reopens After Raising $250K in Donations
The dog-friendly café, Boris and Horton Café in New York City reopens with some changes after...
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Ex-Incarcerated, Benard McKinley, Earns College Degree and Gains Law School Admission
Benard McKinley, an ex-incarcerated man is well on his way to the Northwestern Law School this fall! Benard...
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the beagle freedom project
She repurposed an animal testing site into the Beagle Freedom Project, a rehab sanctuary for rescued animals
The Beagle Freedom Project aims to provide animals used for scientific testing a safe haven. Picture...
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robotic animal
An airport employs a formidable robot animal to deter wildlife from runways
Will Aurora, a robot animal, succeed in frightening animals away from runways? Aurora the robot from...
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burning home
6-Year-Old Girl Runs into Burning Home and Saves Her Family from Fire
Olivia Patterson from the UK, saw flames going up from her house and she ran inside the burning home...
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amazon alexa for emergency
Quick-thinking 13-Year-Old Deploys Amazon Alexa for Emergency, Thwarts Monkey Attack
Who would have thought that Amazon Alexa could be used in an emergency like during a monkey attack? Nikita...
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roll out the red carpet for
Man rolls out the red carpet for strangers, and their reactions are simply fabulous
What will you do if someone rolls out the red carpet for you? How many of us have secretly fantasized...
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what to do with old stuffed animals
Wondering what to do with old stuffed animals? They can be given a second life!
Charlotte Liebling, the creator of Loved Before, will advise you on what to do with old stuffed animals. Plushies...
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strongest deadlifter
Meet India’s youngest and strongest deadlifter, 9-year-old Arshia Goswami
India’s Arshia Goswami who weighs 55 pounds does a deadlift of 165 pounds. She is the country’s...
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