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dog saves owner from car
Dog Saves Owner from Car Crash by Running Four Miles to Get Help in Oregon Ravine
Injured but brave, Blue the dog saves owner from car crash site by running four miles to get help! 62-year-old...
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100 Percent Attendance Award
West Virginia Student Receives 100 Percent Attendance Award from Kindergarten to High School Graduation
A recent graduate from Riverside High School, Wyatt Chestnut gets a 100 percent attendance award. Wyatt...
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class rank valedictorian
Florida Family Amazes as All 4 Daughters Achieve Class Rank of Valedictorian
Every daughter of the Rendina family from Florida has achieved the class rank of valedictorian in their...
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India's lake man
Meet India’s Lake Man, Anand Malligavad, on a Mission to Save Drying Lakes
India’s Lake Man helps rejuvenate 80 lakes amidst Bengaluru’s water crisis! The Southern...
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first free grocery store
Historic Opening: Canada's First FREE Grocery Store in Saskatchewan
The launch of Canada’s first free grocery store is set to revolutionize grocery shopping for the...
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Robert T. Hale Jr.
Billionaire Robert T. Hale Jr. Surprises Grads with $1,000, Asking Them to Donate Half
Well-known for his philanthropic ways, billionaire Robert T. Hale Jr. gifted students $500 and asked...
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brand new set of golf clubs
Iowa Teen Who Lost Home in Tornado Asks for a Brand New Set of Golf Clubs on TV and Golf Companies Offer to Provide Them
Bradley Gebbie, an avid golfer from Greenfield, Iowa, who lost everything in a recent tornado, surprisingly...
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Youngest Artist Painter
Toddler Becomes Youngest Artist Painter Recognized by Guinness, Paintings Selling Rapidly
A one-year-old toddler from Ghana breaks the previous world record to become the world’s youngest artist...
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Surplus of Potatoes
A Canadian Farmer Overflowing with a Surplus of Potatoes, Generously Distributed Millions of Them
A farmer donates a surplus of potatoes from his Canadian farm to multiple food banks.   Isaiah Hofer...
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