dog saves owner from car
Dog Saves Owner from Car Crash by Running Four Miles to Get Help in Oregon Ravine
Injured but brave, Blue the dog saves owner from car crash site by running four miles to get help! 62-year-old Brandon Garett was driving his truck with his four dogs towards a campsite around the mountains...
100 Percent Attendance Award
West Virginia Student Receives 100 Percent Attendance Award from Kindergarten to High School Graduation
A recent graduate from Riverside High School, Wyatt Chestnut gets a 100 percent attendance award. Wyatt Chestnut, a recent graduate from Riverside High School in West Virginia, received the 100 percent...
class rank valedictorian
Florida Family Amazes as All 4 Daughters Achieve Class Rank of Valedictorian
Every daughter of the Rendina family from Florida has achieved the class rank of valedictorian in their respective high school classes! The Rendina family from Central Florida had the celebration of...
India's lake man
Meet India’s Lake Man, Anand Malligavad, on a Mission to Save Drying Lakes
India’s Lake Man helps rejuvenate 80 lakes amidst Bengaluru’s water crisis! The Southern city of Bengaluru is also known as the “Silicon Valley” of India. The city was also known for its...
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