Denmark Women’s National Soccer Team

Denmark Women’s National Soccer Team Achieves Equal Pay as Euro 2024 Squad Refuses Pay Rise

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Thanks to the Euro 2024 squad, the Denmark Women’s National Soccer Team will now be paid as much as their male counterparts!

Denmark’s Euro 2024 Squad presented a perfect example of generosity and camaraderie when they refused a pay hike.

Instead of accepting the pay rise offered to them with a four-year agreement, the Denmark national football team ensured that the women’s national soccer team received the hike.

Because of this sacrifice, all Danish National Football Team players, male and female, will get equal compensation.

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According to a statement given by the global players’ union, FIFPRO, not only did the men’s football team refuse a pay hike but also accepted a reduction in their insurance coverage.

Denmark Women’s National Soccer Team
Pernille Harder, Captain of the Denmark Women’s National Soccer Team

Michael Sahl Hansen, Director of the Danish Players’ Union, Spillerforeningen, also confirmed that the men’s team decided against any changes in their new agreement.

This decision has been widely praised since male players chose to improve the conditions for the Danish women’s national soccer team rather than seek a higher pay scale and more facilities for themselves.

Even senior players of the team, like Andreas Christensen, Thomas DelaneyChristian EriksenPierre-Emile HojbjergSimon Kjaer, and Kasper Schmeichel consented to the rejection of the new pay scale.

As per Sahl Hansen, the men’s team has shown extraordinary commitment and they were happy to let go of the increase, took responsibility for their decision, and want better opportunities and conditions for other national team players.

This new agreement will be applicable after the Euro 2024 tournament for the next four years until 2028. Players from the women’s team are happy with the new agreement and grateful to the men’s team.

However, the Danish Football Association (DBU) has decided to increase the female soccer team’s pay scale and conditions to match those of the men’s squad, rather than removing funds from the men’s team.

Negotiations are set to begin following the Euro 2024 tournament, and Denmark is looking forward to its next encounter against Serbia on Wednesday.

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