dog saves owner from car

Dog Saves Owner from Car Crash by Running Four Miles to Get Help in Oregon Ravine

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Injured but brave, Blue the dog saves owner from car crash site by running four miles to get help!

62-year-old Brandon Garett was driving his truck with his four dogs towards a campsite around the mountains of eastern Oregon on June 2.

However, he lost control of the vehicle on a curved road and crashed his truck into a ravine along the US Forest Service Road 39.

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Hurt by the crash, one of the dogs named Blue, who had a piece of glass stuck in his snout, ran about four miles through the forest and trails to reach the campsite where Garett’s family was also present, as reported by The New York Times.

When Garett did not show up at the campsite, his family was worried and the arrival of an injured Blue confirmed their fears of the worst.

His family started looking for Garett and spotted his truck by the morning of June 3 but were unable to save him due to the terrain.

The rest of the dogs were wounded and lying at the crash site, Garett had also suffered injuries but managed to crawl about 100 yards toward the dry ground, where he even spent his night.

dog saves owner from car
Rescue teams saving Mr Garett from the ravine via Baker County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

They called up emergency services and teams from Baker County Search and Rescue Ropes arrived and started setting up equipment to rescue Garett.

As per a statement by the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, they first heard his cries for help, cleared the path using chainsaws, set up a high-line rope system, and pulled him up in a rescue basket across the ravine.

Once rescued, Garett was placed in an ambulance but later airlifted and sent to a regional hospital.

He broke an ankle and his entire body was bruised and battered, it would take him a while to heal, but is now safe and alive, thanks to his dog Blue.

With all the experience and expertise of the rescue teams, they claimed it would have been almost impossible to spot Garett, had it not been for his faithful dog, Blue, who ran miles despite his wounds to save his owner’s life.

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