100 Percent Attendance Award

West Virginia Student Receives 100 Percent Attendance Award from Kindergarten to High School Graduation

A recent graduate from Riverside High School, Wyatt Chestnut gets a 100 percent attendance award.

Wyatt Chestnut, a recent graduate from Riverside High School in West Virginia, received the 100 percent attendance award for not missing a single day at school in the previous 18 years.

According to WCHS Eyewitness News, Chestnut was not only awarded a perfect K-12 attendance but also scored a GPA of 4.2. He credits his success to his parents’ support and encouragement.

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In case anyone doubts his claim, his school has granted him a certificate for his extraordinary performance, which he uses to prove his point.

100 Percent Attendance Award
Wyatt Chestnut: Image via his Facebook

He told WCHS, “Anything you do for 18 years in a row—it’s pretty hard to do, but I never missed a day.” He further added, “A lot of trips I missed out on and a lot of sick days. I just rested my head on the desk instead of in the bed.”

He also credits his strong immune system for allowing him to attend school despite feeling bad in only a few instances.

Initially, his parents encouraged him to never miss a day of school, but by high school, he too aimed to never take holidays.

Chestnut is not just a good student when it comes to academics, he is also enthusiastic about sports and takes part in a lot of activities, including wrestling, soccer, basketball, track and field, and has won medals for the same.

Apart from sports, the determined young man also frequents the wilderness of West Virginia and has a keen interest in fishing, hunting, and camping, as reported by the Good News Network.

100 Percent Attendance Award
Wyatt Chestnut

He now looks forward to joining Glenville State University to pursue degrees in both biology and criminal justice. With a keen interest in wildlife, he hopes to become a Federal Game Warden one day.

Although it is unclear how many others have a similar record as him, his future employers are sure to be pleased with his 100 percent attendance award.

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