dog saves owner from car
Dog Saves Owner from Car Crash by Running Four Miles to Get Help in Oregon Ravine
Injured but brave, Blue the dog saves owner from car crash site by running four miles to get help! 62-year-old Brandon Garett was driving his truck with his four dogs towards a campsite around the mountains...
rural volunteer fire department
A struggling rural volunteer fire department receives a lifesaving donation of $500,000 from a 91-year-old benefactor
The fire chief of a rural volunteer fire department in Missouri was pleasantly surprised after receiving a generous donation of $500,000. As per PEOPLE, 91-year-old Sam Sloan, a retired cattle business...
amazon alexa for emergency
Quick-thinking 13-Year-Old Deploys Amazon Alexa for Emergency, Thwarts Monkey Attack
Who would have thought that Amazon Alexa could be used in an emergency like during a monkey attack? Nikita along with her niece and Amazon Alexa Echo Dot A brave and quick-thinking teenage girl from...
Ron's Place Birkenhead
Ron's Place Birkenhead is now Transformed into an 'Art Museum' and Protected After the Owner's Passing
Protected as an ‘Art Museum’ now, Ron’s Place Birkenhead in England, is a unique masterpiece. Minotaur sculpture picture from the Ron’s Place website Ron Gittins, a visionary...
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