Young Belfast Mother with Terminal Cancer Receives $67,000 from Strangers for More Time with Her Baby

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Rachael Burns, a 22-year-old mother with terminal cancer, was given four months to live, but thanks to strangers, she might have more time with her baby.

A 22-year-old mom from Western Belfast in Northern Ireland, Rachael Burns, her partner Robert, and their one-year-old daughter Raeya’s world turned upside down when they received the extremely upsetting diagnosis of terminal cancer.

After celebrating their daughter’s first birthday, Burns was devastated when the young mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after.

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She had been having eye irritation for months before being identified with a rare and aggressive brain tumor mutation during an emergency hospital visit last week.

Although doctors initially thought she was suffering from dehydrated eyes. The heartbroken young mother was left with no hope when doctors told her she had a maximum of four months left to live.

Burns was told that patients with similar conditions have not lived past 9 to 12 months and she’s had symptoms for the last eight months.

mother with terminal cancer
Rachael Burns with Robert & Raeya via their GoFundMe page

The devastated mother was not aware how she could inform her mum and other family members about the diagnosis, according to Belfast Live.

The first thing Burns did was to order birthday cards and envelopes, to write notes for daughter Raeya’s future birthdays, which she might not be able to attend.

As the young family started desperately looking for alternative treatment options available to try and extend her life as much as possible, they narrowed down upon Germany.

They got to know of a potentially life-extending treatment in Germany named ONC201, but it would be an expensive affair with the travel, medicines, and treatment costs.

So, the couple immediately set to work and started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the treatment costs. And surely enough generous people from Belfast donated more than $38,000 in a matter of 24 hours.

Started with the initial goal of $76,000, in a week the fundraiser has collected more than $67,000 to date. With the help of this crowdfunding effort, the family is now in the process of traveling to Germany.

They are highly appreciative of everyone who has donated to this cause. Meanwhile, Burns and her family are making every effort to squeeze in as much time as possible so that she can stay longer with them.

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