100 Percent Attendance Award
West Virginia Student Receives 100 Percent Attendance Award from Kindergarten to High School Graduation
A recent graduate from Riverside High School, Wyatt Chestnut gets a 100 percent attendance award. Wyatt Chestnut, a recent graduate from Riverside High School in West Virginia, received the 100 percent...
first free grocery store
Historic Opening: Canada's First FREE Grocery Store in Saskatchewan
The launch of Canada’s first free grocery store is set to revolutionize grocery shopping for the nation’s food-insecure population! 1881 Broad St., in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, will...
Robert T. Hale Jr.
Billionaire Robert T. Hale Jr. Surprises Grads with $1,000, Asking Them to Donate Half
Well-known for his philanthropic ways, billionaire Robert T. Hale Jr. gifted students $500 and asked them to donate the other $500. Despite the dark and dismal weather, the University of Massachusetts...
Surplus of Potatoes
A Canadian Farmer Overflowing with a Surplus of Potatoes, Generously Distributed Millions of Them
A farmer donates a surplus of potatoes from his Canadian farm to multiple food banks.   Isaiah Hofer is a potato farmer from Acadia Colony Farms, northeast of Carberry, Manitoba, Canada, who produced...
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