Man rolls out the red carpet for strangers, and their reactions are simply fabulous

What will you do if someone rolls out the red carpet for you?

roll out the red carpet for

How many of us have secretly fantasized about being famous celebrities?

A lot of individuals who were strolling around Belfast, Ireland, had their desire granted when well-known TikToker Alan Wallace literally rolled out the red carpet to complete strangers.

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Wallace, who uses the username Inspiring Belfast on Instagram, has over 50,000 followers. More than 720,000 people have liked the heartwarming video clip, which has been viewed over 8.5 million times on Instagram.

Wallace frequently promotes positive videos and shares the warmth of Belfast, Northern Ireland, his homeland.

As shared by Upworthy, the nicest thing about this entertaining activity was that each stranger joined in with enthusiasm and made the most of the occasion.

Ordinary individuals strolled around with a great deal of elegance, flair, and elan; some even danced, while some older people walked with grace.

One construction worker looked as impressive as a runway show stopper as he skillfully waltzed his way about the red carpet.

Some people danced, catwalked, skateboarded, and even cartwheeled, giving everyone their moment to shine.

Although it appears that some prior planning went into the clip and maybe Wallace got approval before laying down the red carpet for each person seen in the footage.

However, every person who saw the adorable little clip smiled. We humans tend to overthink things, this clip shows that happiness can be found in the smallest things of life.

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Beautiful responses began to stream in, with one user saying, ” I’ve had such a shit day, and this has proper cheered me up.”

“Proof that simple things can provide so much joy! Infectious joy at that! More please!” commented another.

Yet another wrote, “I love how everyone reacts but especially the elderly. They are often lonely and overlooked. They’ll be thinking about this with a smile for a long time 😍” 

This simple act demonstrates that having fun with someone doesn’t require getting to know them well. A quick hello or smile to a stranger on the street can make someone’s day as well.

Maya Bennett