Quick-thinking 13-Year-Old Deploys Amazon Alexa for Emergency, Thwarts Monkey Attack

Who would have thought that Amazon Alexa could be used in an emergency like during a monkey attack?

amazon alexa for emergency
Nikita along with her niece and Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

A brave and quick-thinking teenage girl from India saved her and her niece’s life when they were attacked by monkeys.

When some visitors left their door ajar, a group of monkeys took advantage of the opening and made their way into the house.

However, the courageous girl asked Amazon Alexa to play the sound of dogs barking; the monkeys were scared hearing the dogs, leaving the two alone.

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Nikita, 13, of Basti, Uttar Pradesh, was playing with her 15-month-old niece. The monkeys entered the kitchen and began throwing things around, as reported by PEOPLE.

Nikita saw that the presence of the monkeys was frightening her niece. The resourceful adolescent, then requested her Amazon Alexa to play the sound of dogs barking, as told to ANI News.

The monkeys fled the home when they heard dogs barking. Nikita’s brother-in-law told ABP Ganga that monkeys are rather abundant in their neighborhood and can be “very naughty.”

amazon alexa for emergency
Amazon Eco Dot 3rd Generation

Additionally, Nikita’s niece’s father told the site how Amazon Alexa has grown to be a vital part of their life.

It helps them with their use of fans, lighting, and even their air conditioning system, which turns on with a single command.

For Nikita’s family, the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation technology has been really helpful.

Her family members mentioned that in addition to providing them with rapid answers to all of their queries, Amazon Alexa also assists them with other crucial updates like sports and daily news.

When PEOPLE contacted Amazon officials, they stated, “The incident in Basti is a great example of how quick thinking paired with easy-to-use technology like Alexa can be of assistance around the house.” 

“It is very simple to just ask Alexa in English, Hindi, or Hinglish for music, information and, in this case, the sound of a dog barking,” they went on. “We are committed to making Alexa more useful for customers in India.”

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