large stuffed giraffe

Cruising with a Large Stuffed Giraffe in Tow, a Colorado Couple Sparks ‘So Much Joy’

A Colorado couple spreads boundless joy by cruising around in their car with a large stuffed giraffe, attracting smiles wherever they go.

A couple from Colorado Springs had a wonderful idea when they were redecorating their daughter’s bedroom more than 15 years ago.

Sally McNabb, 66, a retired insurance agent, had ordered a big stuffed giraffe and when it was lying next to her car, she plopped the toy into the backseat and drove around her block. 

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She got a beautiful reaction out of all the kids as they laughed and cheered because of the stuffed animal giraffe.

large stuffed giraffe
Sally and Larry McNabb with Sprinkles: Picture from their Instagram

The next day, she drove down to her office with the stuffed giraffe in her backseat. This time as well, people rolled down their car windows and started clicking pictures, and everyone seemed really happy. 

She then suggested her husband, 66-year-old Larry McNabb do the same. He was hesitant initially and told her he would never do such a thing, but on his wife’s persistence, the couple drove their 2001 Ford Mustang in the neighborhood.

Once again the large stuffed giraffe spread joy and happiness to everyone who saw him. 

The couple was hooked on this idea and since then, they have been driving to work, and just about everywhere with the giant stuffed giraffe sitting in the backseat for the last 15 years, as reported by PEOPLE.

They have named the stuffed giraffe “Sprinkles,” as “it brings so much joy to people and they laugh and smile.” While some people start taking pictures and selfies, some even follow them home and ask them about the giraffe. 

Be it rain, snow, or hail, the McNabbs always keep the top down of their convertible so that Sprinkles is visible to people around.

Sally loves to dress up Sprinkles in the festive spirit for the holidays with reindeer antlers and a shiny Rudolph nose for Christmas to bunny ears for Easter.

large stuffed giraffe
Sprinkles dressed up as ‘Rudolph’: Picture from their Instagram

Sally has struggled with depression her entire life, but the giraffe has brought joy to everyone around her, including herself, because “it’s hard not to be happy when you’re making other people happy.” 

The best moment was when a family leaving a funeral thanked Sprinkles for making them smile after three days of crying.

Sally believes that when you consciously try to make others happy, you will also end up being happy. 

Even a tiny act of kindness performed with good intentions is likely to provide big positive benefits.

Maya Bennett