effects of potholes on road

Effects of Potholes on Roads: A Presumed Dead Man Comes Back to Life in India

The effects of potholes on roads in India, notorious for causing countless accidents and deaths, played an unexpected role in miraculously saving a man’s life.

80-year-old ‘late’ Darshan Singh Brar from Nising, Haryana, was being transported for the Indian version of the wake ceremony in an ambulance. He was presumed dead due to a chest infection.

However, it wasn’t really his time to go, as the ambulance carrying him came across a pothole-ridden road leading to an intolerable bump.

According to the Good News Network, that is when Brar’s grandson, who was accompanying him in the ambulance, noticed a movement in his grandfather’s hand.

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He immediately checked his pulse and to his utter shock, found one. He then asked the ambulance to turn around and drive over to the nearest hospital.

As they reached a hospital, Brar was declared alive and saveable. The hospital then referred him to Rawal Hospital in Karnal.

A few days ago, when Brar was feeling severely unwell, he was admitted to a local hospital in Nising. Around four days later, his heart stopped beating, so he was declared dead.

Brar’s family, friends, and relatives had gathered for a banquet and his subsequent cremation, however, the good news of his survival reached them soon. His other grandson Balwan Singh, called it a “miracle” and hoped that his grandfather would recover soon.

effects of potholes on road
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The crowd who had come to mourn his death now congratulated the family as they requested the guests to have the food they had arranged. Brar’s family considered his revival the “grace of God” and hoped he would be better.

Brar is a respectable and loved figure in the local community and also has an “entire colony” named after him.

Doctors from the Rawal Hospital are unsure why he was declared dead by the previous hospital and consider it a technical error.

Brar is breathing well now, is no longer on a ventilator, and his heartbeats have normalized too. So, next time, before you get annoyed or outraged due to a pothole on the road, remember the story of Darshan Singh Brar.

Maya Bennett