Galia Lahav used wedding dress

Woman finds a stunning $6,000 Galia Lahav used wedding dress priced at an unbelievable $25

Emmali Osterhoudt shared recently in a TikTok video about her lucky find – a $6,000 Galia Lahav used wedding dress for only $25.

A fortunate woman – Emmali Osterhoudt, 21, from Birmingham, Alabama, stumbled upon an expensive Galia Lahav wedding dress, sold on their website for at least $6,000, at a Goodwill store for a mere $25.

The likes of Paris Hilton and Beyonce have worn the iconic Galia Lahav – Israeli fashion designer’s wedding gowns at their respective weddings.

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The dress was originally from their 2019 bridal collection and Emmali shared about her find in a viral TikTok video, watched by more than 2 million people when she posted it in September 2023. 

Galia Lahav used wedding dress
Emmali Osterhoudt donning the Galia Lahav wedding dress – Picture from her TikTok clip

Even a used Galia Lahav wedding dress would cost around $4,000; however, Emmali explains how the dress fits her “like a glove,” and she does not need any alterations.

Users on the platform were amazed by the discovery and advised her not to wear the dress at her wedding and asked her to cleanse it spiritually before wearing it due to superstitious reasons. 

In a later update, reported by the Daily Mail, Emmali posted another TikTok video of her now fiance’s proposal as he got down on one knee in front of Buckingham Palace, London. And she captioned the video, ‘I can finally wear my $25 Galia Lahav dress!’ 

When she bought the dress in September, she had no plans of getting married, however, just four months later, she is engaged and intends on wearing the celebrity-beloved wedding gown on her special day. 

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Her followers were joyous and excitedly congratulated the bride-to-be on her engagement. The backless white lace dress is spectacular with crystal and pearl embellishments and has a floral design throughout. 

Galia Lahav used wedding dress
Emmali’s proposal pictures from her TikTok video

Along with good wishes, some users requested her to donate the dress after her wedding, to continue the cycle of goodness. While some were still in awe of her amazing discovery, as one bridal stylist commented ‘YOU HIT THE JACKPOT!’

Another user mentioned, “As someone who has worked in bridal for 9 years and still has never seen a Galia Lahav in person, my jaw is on the FLOOR,’ calling the intricate gown ‘the find of a LIFETIME!”

Emmali told PEOPLE, that the wedding would be a small and intimate one and she would surely wear the Galia Lahav wedding dress.

After Emmali’s story and videos went viral, Galia decided to donate more wedding gowns to Goodwill in the future. 

So, if you’re lucky enough, you might end up finding your own Galia Lahav wedding dress at a Goodwill store somewhere!   

Maya Bennett