colored golf tees

Golf lover uses 25,000 colored golf tees to create a stunning Tiger Woods portrait

Aaron Norris, a passionate golfer hailing from Missouri, crafts a breathtaking portrait of Tiger Woods by skilfully arranging 25,000 colored golf tees.

43-year-old Aaron Norris from Kansas City, Missouri is an incredibly talented artist. 

An avid golfer, whenever he visited his local course, he would notice countless broken colored golf tees. 

He thought he could do something worthwhile with them and maybe use it for a future art project. 

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This is how he started collecting them over the summer and fall and even asked his neighbors who played golf to save them for him.

He told the Good News Network he was contemplating over the colored golf tees for a long time until he knew what his next creation would be. 

After spending $400 to buy more tees along with the collected ones, Norris used around 25,000 colored golf tees to create a stunning artwork. 

And what could be a better creation using colored golf tees other than a portrait of the best player in the sport? 

He’s now created a 6-foot X 6-foot wall art in 6 weeks, depicting none other than the famous golfer – Tiger Woods, winner of the most lifetime PGA Tours. 

colored golf tees
Aaron Norris with his work-in-progress creation – Picture from his Instagram

Norris shared his wonderful creation on his Instagram page, where it was well-liked and appreciated by his followers. The stunning art piece was sold some months ago for an undisclosed amount.

The Kansas City area resident has used sports equipment as a medium to create artwork for the very first time. 

After the Royals won in 2015, followed by the Chiefs, the commission work for sports art started flooding in. 

Norris has previously painted portraits of Muhammad Ali, NFL football stars – the Kelce brothers, and an Elon Musk mosaic bead portrait. 

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