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Rare gold LEGO piece discovered at Goodwill store was sold for $18,000

Goodwill store in Pennsylvania found and sold a rare gold Lego piece for $18,000.

It’s possible to find some amazing goods at thrift stores. However, this Pennsylvanian Goodwill store truly discovered a hidden gem.

There was an extremely unusual gold LEGO piece found in the Dubois, Pennsylvania store. The Lego Bionicle action figure line from the early 2000s is the source of the 14-karat gold Kanohi Hau mask.

The unusual gold Lego piece arrived in “a little old-looking Lego box,” according to Chad Smith, vice president of e-commerce and technology at Goodwill in North Central Pennsylvania, and it had no special qualities as told to PEOPLE.

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Earlier this month, the unique gold Lego piece arrived in a box containing other pieces of random jewelry that were donated by the State College Goodwill store.

The employees there didn’t give it any thought and the manager of the Goodwill store listed it on the website for a meager $14.95.

However, as soon as bids began to be placed, inquiries started pouring in and someone asked if they could purchase it for $1,000.

Rare gold LEGO piece
Rare gold LEGO piece found at Goodwill store

The management was notified at that point, and an unnamed owner eventually paid $18,101 for the rare piece following over 48 bids. Surprisingly, $18,100 was the second-highest bid.

Smith confirms that the Lego piece that was sold at the Du Bois store was the top-selling piece of “any Lego piece” ever and the highest-selling piece of all time.

He said that he had watched the auction all night and that, while it had reached $33,000, no one had placed a bid at that point. A $15,000 14-karat solid gold 2×4 block was the second most expensive Lego ever sold, according to Local 12 News.

The weight of the recovered 14-karat gold souvenir is 9 oz. Since the average cost of an ounce of gold is $2,035 per Monex, the buyer obtained the piece for the current going rate for gold.

Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania’s Jessica Illuzzi, the social media and PR coordinator, told USA Today that “all of the money that we get from selling the item will go back into our mission.”

According to WTAJ, Illuzzi confirmed that the piece was first made available in 2001 as a part of a giveaway that contained 30 Lego sets, including silver and platinum components.

“There were five left for those who were true LEGO employees. Thus, one of them resurfaces 23 years later, and it’s really rare, Smith told CBS Pittsburgh.

Maya Bennett