how to spread the good news

How to spread the good news and why is it necessary?

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Welcome to the Good Word! This platform is about spreading good news every day. A lot of people ask why focus only on good news? Why not include all kinds of news?

The first and foremost reason for this being, there are tons of media houses out there, sharing all kinds of news every single day and hour, so what’s new about the Good Word page?

A very valid question indeed! To answer this, I would like to share my personal experience with news. I’ve loved reading news since I was quite young.

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In my attempt to keeping myself abreast with the current affairs, I ended up reading and obsessively following the most sensational and terrible crime cases.

how to spread the good news
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This led to me being disturbed to the point where I was unable to sleep for 2 nights straight, wondering how a human being could be so cruel towards a fellow being.

This also made me wonder, if I was even doing the right thing! So I decided to stop reading crime news and instead moved on to politics, but that too has divided people into two groups, be it the Russia- Ukraine war, Israel-Palestine war or the liberal versus conservative debate.

I even made some enemies out of friends because we had different political leanings or ideological differences.

I fought with people online and even got trolled when I gave out my opinions too strongly.

Not only did such incidents made me angry, they also made me feel helpless. Most of us are powerless over a lot of things happening in the society today.

That is when I realized I have a “choice” and that is when I chose to read positive and good news more than regular news.

The more I filled my mind with regular news it led to negativity and feelings of hopelessness.

But by consciously reading more of good news, happy news, inspiring news, and reducing my intake of regular news I could see a change in my mental well-being.

how to spread the good news
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You don’t have to shut yourself out from reality, but you can always end your day with heartwarming and positive news.

Then let’s focus on reading more of uplifting news and what better way than checking out the Good Word page daily? Or join our free weekly newsletter for a complete round-up of all the stories delivered straight to your inbox.

So, why not take a break from the doom and gloom and let the power of positivity guide our reading habits? Your mind and overall well-being will thank you.

The Good Word page focuses on spreading daily good news to contribute towards individual well-being, inspiring readers, and sharing heartwarming content that warms the soul and society in general.

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Maya Bennett