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Silly ‘Socks for Seniors’ drive launched by a high school teen from California

Teen from California launches a massive drive to send fun and colorful ‘socks for seniors’ in all 50 states of the US.

17-year-old Elle Gianelli a high school junior from Stockton, California, has a very close and loving relationship with her grandmother, as per the Good News Network.

She claims to be her grandma’s girl and absolutely loves and adores her Nana, which causes her to be kind towards all elderly.

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The thoughtful teen told CBS News that there were many celebrations for kids during the holiday season, like Toys for Tots and other things. However, seniors are somehow always forgotten.

Socks for Seniors
Gianelli with volunteers and her silly socks: Picture from her Instagram

So, way back in her seventh grade, Gianelli started a project called “Socks 4 Seniors,” where she made socks with ‘silly’ designs and sent them to nursing and care homes.

Brightly colored with unique and cute patterns, the socks warm up not just toes but even hearts during the holiday season. Gianelli has sent socks to 92 care homes in 48 states as yet. 

Sometimes these seniors have no family or maybe they just get a postcard, so the unexpected pair of socks cheers them up.

She finds it amusing when the elderly ask for plain or black socks, however, Socks 4 Seniors is the exact opposite of them. 

Socks for Seniors
Pictures from her Instagram

And this year she has doubled up on her hobby as she wishes to send boxes of silly socks to the elderly in all 50 states.

She has even started a GoFundMe for this purpose and is looking forward to raising $10,000 for a big sock drive.

By sending these socks every holiday season, Gianelli has made quite a few PenPals along the way and she expects to create many more with her continued drive. 

Maya Bennett