University of Idaho marching band fills in for Yale pep band at NCAA Tournament

The University of Idaho marching band saved the day and is now hailed as heroes in Connecticut!

university of idaho marching band
Picture from University of Idaho’s Facebook

It is a fact that the March Madness tournament is incomplete without bands!

And guess what? Yale University’s band members were unable to perform for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament held in Spokane, Washington.

So, the University of Idaho Vandal band showed excellent sportsmanship by dressing in Yale University’s uniform, supporting the team, and memorizing their fight song.

This is quite surprising as Yale University is a prestigious Ivy League located in a city on the Pacific Northwest, whereas the University of Idaho is a state school situated in a farm town on the East Coast.

The majority of Yale University’s band members had other spring break plans when the university advanced to the March Madness tournament for Men’s Basketball, and they were unable to assemble a large enough group of players to go to Spokane, Washington.

SIMILAR: A rugby player broke his neck so his team showed him love and support by bleaching their hair to match his!

So, the Yale Bulldogs were left without their fight song, unless other arrangements were made.

Being close to the sports venue, when Spencer Martin, the athletic band director of The University of Idaho found out about this, less than a week before Yale’s match against Auburn he asked his band members if anyone was interested in helping.

After receiving a resounding “yes,” Martin set about organizing the instruments right once, while the students committed themselves to memorizing Yale’s battle song and other classic Yale Pep tunes.

university of idaho marching band
University of Idaho marching band – picture from their Facebook

The Vandals even reached out to the Yale band members via social media to ask for tips, so that they could make their “Vandogs” performance as good as possible.

Yale even sent them spirit gear with the big yellow Y for them to wear.

According to Martin, who spoke with the Yale Daily News, “Everyone was really enthusiastic about covering for the Yale students who couldn’t make it.”

He also remarked, “Bands support bands and universities support universities.”

This genuine act of brotherhood shows the sportsmanship of the students of Idaho & their willingness to help others.

This act has touched the hearts of people across the nation, as well as delighted the students.

One Idaho grad student Cody Barrick told ESPN, “It was awesome watching them play,” and “We were right on our feet with everyone else at the end there cheering them on for sure.”

Yale’s excitement seemed to be extra “on” during that first game.

university of idaho marching band
Picture via the University of Idaho’s Facebook

The Bulldogs went into the tournament completely disheartened, with #4 Auburn being their first competitor, but in a complete change of fate, fans were left speechless as the Bulldogs gave an outstanding fight to Auburn Tigers, landing them a place in the next round.

So, the Vandals did not only play for them on their first Friday game, but they again made the 90-mile trip to Spokane the upcoming Sunday for Yale’s second game against San Diego State.

The Bulldogs were eliminated from the tournament in that round but the memories will stay forever. And Martin says the Vandals would do it anytime & for any school.

He informed The Spokesman-Review, “You know that it’s going to come through if you choose the Vandal band.” It has consistently done so. That is customary. There was no uncertainty in our ability to support them.

In honor of the support and recognition shown by Vandals from the University of Idaho, Governor Ned Lamont of the State of Connecticut, expressed his gratitude by declaring March 28 as the University of Idaho Day.

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