South Mountain Reservation fairy trail

Devoted mom crafted the enchanting South Mountain Reservation fairy trail for her beloved autistic son

The South Mountain Reservation Fairy trail is truly enchanting with whimsical tiny house designs lined along the way.

In today’s modern and fast-paced lifestyle, a walk-in nature can be an enriching and calming experience.

And if you happen to live somewhere around Milburn, New Jersey, you could run into an enchanting Fairy Trail.

As reported by Good News Network, the South Reservation fairy trail is a delightful and magical encounter for children and adults alike. Artist and mom of an autistic son, Therese Ojibway from Milburn began creating tiny adorable houses which she left around the Rahway trail.

As a mom of a son with autism, Ojibway wanted her son to explore and connect with nature. To make this a wonderful experience she thought of setting up a fairy trail.

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South Mountain Reservation fairy trail
Pictures from the South Mountain Reservation fairy trail

When park authorities knew about her beautiful constructions, they let her continue with them for almost a decade.

Although Ojibway and her family moved out of the area a few years ago, the South Mountain Reservation Fairy Trail continues to flourish thanks to volunteers like Beth Kelly and Julie Gould.

They decided to keep the enchanting experience alive for anyone visiting the trail and they keep making additions of tiny houses in the various nooks and crannies of the forest trees and other natural formations.

Educating young children about nature, using their imaginations, and stimulating their creativity is a dynamic approach to engage them, according to trail keeper Beth Kelly. She also believes that it will benefit special needs and early childhood education programs.

“The main idea here is that you get a fantastic experience when you visit,” Kelly told CBS News “It touches your heart, it gives you a sense of wonder, imagination, creativity, and it all blends and bonds with nature.”

South Mountain Reservation fairy trail
The South Mountain Reservation fairy trail

Gould discovered the path via her employment teaching Pre-K, while Kelly found the route and its magic during the pandemic when she wanted a location where her two young boys could go outside and play and breathe fresh air.

The location is now home to more than 100 small houses that are nestled into the crevices of the forest, providing fairies with a peaceful haven to live hidden from prying eyes.

Comprising of natural materials, some of which were found in the forest, and consistently painted in muted hues, the dwellings will ultimately disappear through biodegradation, causing no harm to the environment.

Kelly says the kids who come over really think she gets to talk to and spend time with the fairies.

South Mountain Reservation fairy trail
Another beautiful hut from the South Mountain Reservation fairy trail

Some kids are fascinated and truly believe they caught a glimpse of the magical beings passing through the trees.

But the duo explains to the kids it is alright even if they are unable to see them, as the legendary creatures try to stay hidden and safe in their pretty houses away from the eyes of people.

The trail is a place for “kids of all ages” and ensures that the inner child wonders and stays alive in a day well spent with nature.

Maya Bennett