Law of Attraction not working for you? Do this instead…

The Law of Attraction not working for you? Let’s try a different approach then..

law of attraction not working
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The Law of Attraction (LOA) has become a popular philosophy, promising the ability to attract our desires through positive thoughts and visualizations.

But what happens when our dream home, soulmate, or perfect job continues to elude us even with our greatest efforts?

The law of attraction is based on the premise of bringing a heartfelt desire (let’s say your dream car) into the real world for which you might not have the financial resources today.

Let’s dissect a bit into this thought, where does this desire stem from? Peer pressure, fancy advertisements, status symbols, or whatever the reason, it is a desire I feel is right for me and will give me immense happiness if I achieve the same.

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The idea of owning my dream car is based upon the limited knowledge and beliefs I’ve cultivated in my life. The all-knowing universe might know that this same car could lead to some trouble or tragedy in the future.

I will give you my real-life example when I desperately wanted a job in my dream company and kept thinking of it day and night.

I tried visualization, imagination, and all possible techniques to bring this idea into reality and then finally I landed a job in my dream company.

But my experience there was riddled with too many issues. People were unfriendly, training and the trainers didn’t seem right, and office politics was also difficult to handle.

All these factors took away the wow factor way too soon and I realized I made a mistake by joining the company.

To give you another example, when I tried to manifest my life partner, I had a lot of parameters in my mind and I kept thinking over it again and again. And as fortune would have it, I found the exact guy, just like I had imagined.

law of attraction not working

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But once again, after I got married to him, there were too many problems, incompatibility being one of the major reasons along with many others, led to me being a divorced single mom today.

Of course, some things happened in my life, that were completely against my desires, and yet they seemed to have a positive turnout.

This got me thinking, what mistake am I making?

Things that came out of their own free will and which I resisted, actually gave me good results.

While, something I dearly wanted, after manifesting turned out to be heartbreaking in the end.

This led me to consider a shift in my thinking towards the concept of surrender.

Giving up does not equate to surrender; rather, it is a viewpoint change from forced manifestation to one of trust and letting go.

Surrendering is a powerful technique that allows the universe to fulfill wishes in ways one may not have imagined.

It involves releasing the energy of desperation, which is the opposite of what I wanted, and replacing it with acceptance and faith.

This change in energy creates a more positive vibration, opening up possibilities that I would have missed otherwise.

When I surrendered, I let go of all expectations, not due to disappointment, but rather knowing that the best shall come for me in unimaginable ways. This could present me with new experiences and possibilities.

By cultivating gratitude and thankfulness, I appreciate what I already have in life and draw more good things into my life.

law of attraction not working

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To practice surrender, you must have faith that your desires will be fulfilled at the right time, so release all control, do your best that you can in your given situation, and practice gratitude.

It’s essential to distinguish between giving up and surrendering. Giving up is caused by having no faith and being discouraged while surrendering is about trusting and accepting.

It’s about realizing that your life and aspirations will materialize in the ideal time and shape. It is necessary to let go of the desire to influence outcomes and get attached to them.

By prioritizing good intentions, aligning your vibration, and allowing the universe to guide, one can access an infinite array of opportunities and lead a more satisfying and abundant life.

Remember that the universe desires your success, so give up trying to manage every little thing, turn your attention to being grateful, and let life unfold as it will. The amazing possibilities that arise when you let the universe do its magic may amaze you.

Maya Bennett