Unexpected Friendship is the Best One: Young Boy, 9, Forms Unlikely Friendship with Millionaire

An unexpected friendship blossomed between a young boy and a multimillionaire, proving that unexpected friendship is the best one.

unexpected friendship is the best one
Screenshot from Youtube video of WBRZ 2

Kelvin Ellis, a 9-year-old from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a compassionate young child with a strong desire to assist the homeless, as reported by Upworthy.

Whenever he came across a homeless individual, he didn’t have any money to help them. 

So, one early morning in March, Kelvin observed what appeared to be a homeless man standing in the corner of the seating area at CC’s coffee shop.

After gathering his confidence, he approached him and offered his lone dollar bill.

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On the other hand, the man Kelvin considered homeless is no less than a celebrity.

Matthew Busbice is the co-founder of Wildgame Innovations and owner of various outdoor businesses. He has also starred on two reality TV shows, and his firms’ success has made him a multimillionaire. 

Busbice hurried out of his apartment after hearing the fire alarm. 

When he realized it was a false alarm, he went to the adjacent CC’s and bought himself a cup of coffee. Then he stood in one corner of the seating area and began to pray.

When Kelvin noticed him, he offered him the money.

unexpected friendship is the best one
Matt Busbice: Picture from his Instagram

Instead of accepting the dollar, Busbice displayed his modest side by buying breakfast for Kelvin and even a cup of coffee for his father, who was visiting the eye doctor. 

Busbice appreciated Kelvin’s act of goodwill, and the entire occurrence was captured on a surveillance camera outside the coffee shop.

He was grateful that Kelvin offered him the only money he had, a dollar bill, which spoke volumes about his character and future generations.

If more people were like Kelvin, the world would undoubtedly become a joyous and happier place. 

Busbice also told WBRZ 2 that the town, parish, state, and perhaps the entire planet might change at this pace. 

Furthermore, he reciprocated Kelvin’s compassion by purchasing clothes for the little child and even allowing him to go shopping in one of his stores.

An unusual friendship has formed between the little kid and Busbice, which is touching and emphasizes the value of kindness.

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