Students from Providence College in Rhode Island, raise thousands to help security guard visit family in Nigeria

A heartwarming story from Providence College in Rhode Island restores faith in humanity.

Providence college in Rhode Island
Pic courtesy : Go Fund Me page for James

James, a kind security guard from Providence College’s Raymond Hall in Rhode Island, was in for a special surprise.

Some students of the college befriended James and learned that he had not seen his kid or his family in nearly 11 years, nor had he visited his native Nigeria.

But thanks to the students, who have now become friends with James, felt sorry for him and decided to raise money for this purpose. One of the students set up a Go Fund Me page for him, detailing his thoughtful nature and diligent work ethic.

James is described as “truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet,” according to the Go Fund Me page.

The kids also mentioned, no matter what time of night you run into James, he always greets you with a smile and is open to chat. In addition, the thoughtful children expressed their gratitude for his presence and their desire to “show him how much he means to our community.”

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On February 29, a day after the Go Fund Me page was created, $3,000 had been raised. Additionally, the students gave James the money they had raised on the website on March 6.

A further update on the Go Fund Me page was shared by the students, where they uploaded a photo of them giving the cash and a visibly shocked James, with his hands on his mouth.

Providence college in Rhode Island
Pic via the Go Fund Me page for James

Freshman student Brandon Reichert, one of the organizers of the Go Fund Me page, described James to WCVB as “one of the kindest souls anyone has ever met in this building.”

The best thing was how quickly everyone connected and assisted him, and he also highlighted how crucial James is to them.

Daniel Singh, a sophomore resident advisor, told WJAR that he had to hold back his tears as he gave James the money collected from the page.

Reichert expressed his joy on the page and described the experience as thrilling, recounting how he managed to raise money for James’ visit to Nigeria in June of this year.

Furthermore, he conveyed his appreciation to each and every donor for their thoughtful gift and its significant impact on the extraordinary man.

Dean of Students, Steven Sears told ABC 6 of James, “What is so special is the impact he has had on all of us.”

With regards to all students of the college including the ones who helped raise money, James said that “he is praying for them, he is praying for their success, and that God watches over them.”

The GoFundMe has raised more than $15,000 as of Saturday afternoon.

Reichert revealed that James will get any additional funds raised through the GoFundMe at the conclusion of the academic year in order to finance his future trips to Nigeria.

Maya Bennett