19-Year-Old Down’s Syndrome Marathon Runner Completes London Marathon

Lloyd Martin, the youngest ever Down’s syndrome marathon runner, completes the London Marathon.

Down's Syndrome Marathon Runner
Lloyd Martin & his mom Ceri Hooper: Picture from Special Olympics GB

Anything is possible if you set your heart to it! 

And that’s how 19-year-old athlete – Lloyd Martin with Down’s syndrome proved that his condition is no hindrance as he recently completed the London Marathon.

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The young lad from Cardiff, England, ran 26.4 miles to receive a Guinness World Records plaque at the end of his run. 

Lloyd’s mom Ceri Hooper, 54, has been the real driving force behind her son’s achievements. She told BBC News, “In Lloyd’s words, it’s achieving his dream.”

The resilient teen ran the first 14 miles, which is his personal best, after which he dodged between walking and jogging until he reached the finish line.

Hooper has also participated in international track and field competitions, representing Wales. She has participated in the London Marathon four times and completed the Chicago and Boston races. 

Down's Syndrome Marathon Runner
Lloyd Martin: Picture from Special Olympics GB

She ensured that her son had all the necessary training and motivation before he took over the mammoth task of running the marathon.

Lloyd is now the youngest person in the intellectual impairment category to have finished a marathon.

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He is a gymnast and footballer at the Special Olympics GB and the organization helped him secure a spot for himself in the marathon.

Lloyd was mainly trained through 5K races and his mom had only five months to get him prepared for the long run.

Hooper created a customized training plan for Lloyd so he could build his stamina for the long run.

It was an emotional moment when the mother-son duo crossed the finish line and they cried tears of happiness.

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