The Best Way to Meet the Love of Your Life

Philly’s Oldest Bar: The Best Way to Meet the Love of Your Life, with Hundreds Finding Romance Here

Looking for the best way to meet the love of your life? Head to McGillin’s Olde Ale House in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s oldest tavern and one of the oldest in the country seems to be a favorite hangout of Cupid. McGillin’s Olde Ale House was founded in 1860, more than a century ago.

Since then, numerous couples have met, become engaged, and even got married here, as reported by the Good News Network.

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The number of couples hitched here is the highest as compared to anywhere else in Pennsylvania city. Mind you, these aren’t just short-term marriages, but real deep connections with many success stories.

The Best Way to Meet the Love of Your Life
A happy couple getting engaged at McGillin’s via their Instagram

Let’s get down to some real-life instances, in 1961, Chuck and Helen Myers also had a meeting at McGillin’s. Three years later, they were married, and he gave her a charm bracelet with a McGillin’s charm on it, which she has had for over 50 years.

After meeting a sailor at McGillin’s, Kay Scorboria found the love of her life in him and decided to wed him rather than become a nun. After almost 60 years of marriage, she and Preston had five children and eleven grandchildren.

164 years ago, this place was owned and managed by William McGillin and his wife Catherine, while their 13 children stayed upstairs. The place is now run by their daughter Mary Ellen and her husband Chris Mullins along with their son Christopher.

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The Best Way to Meet the Love of Your Life
A couple who met at McGillin’s in 1969 and got married later

To cover all the love stories that blossomed here, the owners have now created a book called “Love Letters,” where couples share their stories. As per award-winning author Irene Levy Baker’s book – 100 Things to Do in Philadelphia, volumes 1 and 2 of the book filled up quickly, while a third one is due to be filled in soon.

Jen and Steve, who got engaged at McGillin’s in December, and Amanda and Kaitlyn, who placed a ring on it in front of the tavern’s picture-perfect Christmas decorations, just signed the book.

With any luck, these young couples will outlive each other and enjoy long, happy marriages like Marlton, New Jersey’s Jay and Betty Dutill, who found it funny when their four young adult children raved about a new pub they had “discovered”—McGillin’s. The news that their parents had met at McGillin’s in 1977 took their kids by surprise.

The Best Way to Meet the Love of Your Life
Another happy couple that met at the bar 22 years ago

In keeping with the trend, Allison Doll Kelly decided to meet Kevin Kelly in person after they spoke for two weeks on a dating app in 2012. Her parents suggested that they have a face-to-face meeting at McGillin’s, where they used to get together for drinks on Fridays after work.

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Allison and Kevin had a wonderful first date, and they were so in love with McGillin’s that they chose to have their engagement pictures taken here.

So, the next time you end up in Philly, try giving a visit to 1310 Drury Street, McGillin’s Olde Ale House.

Maybe the 30 beers on tap here could prove to be a magical love potion that may quench your thirst for romance and you may end up finding the love of your life.

Maya Bennett