Elvis tribute artist UK

UK Warehouse Worker Becomes $500-a-Night Elvis Tribute Artist, Thanks to Friends’ Talent Agent Video

Danny Turney is not an average Joe because he earns $500 per gig as a UK Elvis tribute artist.

An average Joe, 34-year-old Danny Turney from Bedfordshire, England, has been a warehouse supervisor for the last 15 years. He is into stacking and moving product palettes around.

But his life had a massive turnaround when his wife unsuspectingly videotaped him singing in his kitchen while preparing a cup of tea during the COVID-19 outbreak and shared it on Facebook, as reported by the Good News Network.

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Not only this, Danny’s friends secretly sent a video of his performance to a showbiz agent, and the warehouse worker began earning $500 per night, having previously delighted friends with his flawless Elvis Presley impersonations.

Elvis tribute artist UK
Danny Turney via his Facebook

His grandmother was the one who first made Danny appreciate Elvis. She had a room that was like “a shrine to Elvis, with gold records and everything” when he was a little child.

While she was ironing, she would play Elvis’s songs, and Danny would practice holding a microphone and shaking his leg.

The 34-year-old stated, “I didn’t want it up there on social media; that’s never my thing.”

He first did an Elvis personified show on his beloved grandma’s memorial, who passed away from cancer, with a fully sequined suit and all. Danny believes his grandma is now his guardian angel.

That’s when a friend secretly recorded his performance. Later on, he received several missed calls from an unknown number. His friend had emailed agents at MK Promotions a video of him performing live without his knowledge.

He eventually called the number back and they said, “I want to give you some work, I’ve seen your videos.” Unaware and surprised, Danny enquired about the videos as he was unfamiliar with the discussion.

Elvis tribute act by Danny Graceland

He was quickly flooded with offers of gigs and performances. That’s when Danny quit his job after realizing he could always go back, get back on a forklift, and work his way up if necessary. He now performs under the stage name “Danny Graceland” and has even performed for eighteen concerts in a single weekend.

The father of two clarifies how “it was never ever the plan to be a full-time Elvis tribute” owing to the responsibilities of his wife, two kids, and a mortgage.

Nevertheless, he now performs for $500 to $600 each show all over the UK and has recently finished a nine-week engagement in Cyprus performing the King of Rock and Roll’s greatest hits.

Despite having great ambitions for the future, the humble man views himself as an average Joe who loves playing darts and coaching football during his free time. He claimed that his nine-year-old daughter believes he is famous because of his TV appearances.

The title song of the tribute album he recently recorded with his live band is “If I Can Dream,” which has some of his favorite Elvis songs. He looks forward to seizing the golden “opportunity” while it lasts.

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