Career Center Billings Montana

Students from Career Center Billings, Montana, design toy cars for children with mobile disability

Three students from Career Center Billings, Montana, gift a toy car for a 4-year-old with Williams Syndrome.

Calliope Lindau, a 4-year-old child is very active and adores spending as much time as possible playing outside.

Unfortunately, she suffers from Williams Syndrome, a genetic condition that limits her leg movement and affects her mobility along with other medical issues.

But her life has changed now as she received a customized toy automobile from three high school students of Billings Career Center, from Billings in Montana. Calliope can drive the car entirely by herself, as reported by KTVQ.

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Thanks to students from Eric Anderson’s Go Baby Go independent study.

Ainsley Lennick, Elijah McCoun, and Kai Pohlman gave the child the adapted electric toy car, which was fully painted in pink with Disney princesses and had a personalized “Calliope” license plate on the front.

Despite initial skepticism, Calliope loved the car and began to kiss the stickers on it.

Career Center Billings Montana
Picture of Calliope’s car

Not only does it differ from other toy cars with these qualities, but the students also made the seat, audio controls, and driving wheel so Calliope could use it more easily.

Every car made by Go Baby Go is customized to meet the needs of the child.

They have been working on this project for almost three months. To make some of the elements, they employed 3D printers, and for the buttons and petals, they used other engineering design talents.

The only goal of the course from Billings Career Center is to create these cars so that students may use their technical knowledge in practical situations.

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Every year, the public is invited to nominate children they believe might benefit from the project, and students in the course select one deserving child.

Lennick was a major contributor to their decision to choose Calliope, believing the 4-year-old to be the ideal candidate after learning of her preschool teacher’s candidacy.

Career Center Billings Montana
Elijah McCoun, Kai Pohlman and Ainsley Lennick: Picture from their Facebook

The car was designed with the child’s interests in mind, and Lennick contributed to its creative design and social media presence.

The collaboration was based on Lennick’s design and communication skills, as well as McCoun and Pohlman’s engineering backgrounds.

Polman, who has always been fascinated by engineering, found the training to be a valuable learning experience.

He discovered his strengths and weaknesses in various areas and found it a great learning experience to see his skills implemented into something tangible.

The training not only helped students develop their engineering skills but also provided them with an opportunity to give back to the community.

Although the training can be taxing and requires a lot of work, it’s a pleasure to offer it to kids like Calliope and be a part of their happiness.

Before the school year concludes, the class from Billings Career Center intends to finish more automobiles, and they’ll be looking for a new applicant soon.

The Go Baby Go team can be contacted on this link and you can also nominate a youngster for a bespoke car.

Maya Bennett