Honorary uncle

Heroic Sheriff’s Deputy earns Honorary Uncle title for rescuing infant, saving her life

Sheriff’s Deputy earns honorary uncle title for saving a baby’s life from a terrible car crash accident.

If it weren’t for Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office‘s bravery and fast thinking, the heart-stopping collision on a Florida road might have resulted in a double tragedy.

A motorcyclist riding zoomed at a high speed of above 100 mph passed Musgrove on February 8th, while he was traveling along S. McCall Road near Spinnaker Boulevard in Englewood, Florida, as per PEOPLE.

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Musgrove saw the horrifying aftermath just moments after the motorbike crashed into another car at a crosswalk.

Honorary uncle
Picture courtesy: Kayleigh Foley

There were screams and chaos around as he saw the biker was dead and impaled in the vehicle on his left.

Mother Kayleigh Foley and her two children, 3-year-old Ariel and 6-month-old Lola, were with her in the car.

Despite being shaken by the crash, Foley and her family were resolved to get assistance.

Foley sounded the horn to signal her presence and Ariel’s cries broke through the mayhem.

Musgrove rushed forward and opened the rear door of the car to remove Ariel from her booster seat. But for infant Lola, the worst scenario happened.

That’s when Foley screamed to the officer to help her infant daughter Lola as well.

Musgrove, on the other hand did not see any other child and her fate was in jeopardy, since Lola was stuck beneath the motorcycle rider’s dead body.

Bystanders helped Musgrove quickly remove the dead biker from atop and rescue Lola. Despite the chaotic atmosphere, he performed life-saving CPR in an attempt to resuscitate the child.

Honorary uncle
Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove with Lola

In the midst of the confusion, Foley’s mind drifted to her deceased fiancé as she struggled with the prospect of losing another family member.

The next few weeks were difficult as Lola battled for her life in the hospital, suffering from a catastrophic brain injury and multiple skull fractures.

But Lola persevered admirably in the face of adversity, eventually making her way back home and exhibiting her typical lively disposition.

The GoFundMe campaign for the Foley family has received more than $77,000 in contributions from the community in support of their medical bills.

Musgrove’s bravery was recognized by Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell, who commended him for maintaining his composure in the face of pandemonium.

The massive media attention that Musgrove received after the tragedy confirmed the importance of what he had done.

But more than just acknowledgment, Musgrove and the Foley family developed a close relationship.

Not only is Musgrove a hero to Kayleigh Foley and her kids, but he’s also family, affectionately earning the honorary uncle title and is known as “Uncle Dave.”

Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove’s bravery and devotion in the face of disaster turned a potentially fatal situation into a story of hope and perseverance, leaving a lasting impression on the Foley family and the community.

Maya Bennett