Grandma restaurant in Staten Island

Welcome to Enoteca Maria, a grandma restaurant in Staten Island, NYC

Missing your grandma’s cooking? Headover to the grandma restaurant in Staten Island!

Are you among the lucky ones who have enjoyed meals prepared at home by your beloved grandmother?

You’ve undoubtedly already tasted your grandmother’s specialties, but if she wasn’t there, there’s a restaurant in Staten Island, New York City, that guarantees it!

Thus, the next time you’re visiting the Statue of Liberty in NYC, make sure to stop by the kitchen at 27 Hyatt Street. One of the city’s most distinctive eateries is located there, according to the Good News Network.

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Enoteca Maria was started by son of Sicilian immigrants – Joe Scaravella, in 2007 by a staff of Italian Nonne or grandmothers. He missed his own grandma and her amazing cooking.

Grandma restaurant in Staten Island
A picture of the kitchen of Enoteca Maria from their Facebook page

According to Scaravella, she was the sweetest woman alive, the best cook ever, who also raised him. However, what began as a tribute to his Sicilian roots developed into a dynamic culinary and cultural repository.

The restaurant which serves on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, has a different menu each weekend which is designed and cooked entirely by grandmothers from around the world.

In addition to filling up the reservation book, Scaravella started a project called “Nonnas of the World“, a virtual register where the grandmothers’ recipes and memories are entered, guaranteeing that anyone wishing to celebrate as their predecessors did will be able to access them.

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The “Nonnas of the World” project features traditional home cooking by family members who nearly always do it best, from Syria to Peru, Japan to Sicily.

Whether they are American citizens, visiting grandmothers, or even refugees, the food and recipes are prepared the way they should be, the way they always have been.

Grandma restaurant in Staten Island
Another picture from their Facebook page

Since 2007, more than 100 ladies have entered, according to the BBC, representing countries like Sri Lanka, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, South Korea, and Siberia.

Meanwhile, La Reppublica notes that grandmas from Egypt, Peru, Japan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Turkey, and Argentina have also visited.

While Grandma Yumi prepares dengaku, which is sliced and steamed eggplant with a sweet miso sauce, Grandma Rosa from Peru makes ceviche or lomo saltado.

A restaurant called La Mamma Mia was opened in London with a similar concept after Enoteca Maria’s success.

Maya Bennett