Neighbor's house on fire

Lucy the dog saves her neighbor’s house on fire by alerting her owners with an unusual bark

An Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix’s timely alarm at Arlington, Washington, saved a neighbor’s house on fire as owners called 911.

Had it not been for Lucy the savior dog, a home in a North County neighborhood from Arlington, Washington state, would have been completely gutted.

As Lucy’s owner Douglas O’Connor II was peacefully sleeping at 3 a.m. in the night, he was rudely woken up by his pooch’s strange bark.

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Although O’Connor has been woken up by his pup on countless occasions in the past, this time it seemed strange with a “loud, screaming-type bark,” which was “totally different than her just barking.” He thought something was wrong as both O’Connor and his wife were up.

Neighbor's house on fire
Lucy the dog: Picture by Arlington, WA Police department

As reported by the Good News Network, O’Connor’s wife went up to investigate, she saw the workshop of a neighboring house on fire.

The Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix’s timely intervention and alarm saved the house engulfed in flames.

Along with her owners, many other neighbors were woken up due to Lucy’s barks as quite a few calls were received by 911 for help.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and they managed to contain the fire.

They also informed O’Connors that a delay of 10 more minutes and the flames could have rapidly spread to their house as well.

Firefighters and police personnel alike became very fond of Lucy the dog and even shared her pictures on their social media handles, hailing her as a hero.

The O’Connors are glad nobody was hurt and are proud of their pup for saving everyone from a big tragedy.

Maya Bennett