Ron’s Place Birkenhead is now Transformed into an ‘Art Museum’ and Protected After the Owner’s Passing

Protected as an ‘Art Museum’ now, Ron’s Place Birkenhead in England, is a unique masterpiece.

Ron's Place Birkenhead
Minotaur sculpture picture from the Ron’s Place website

Ron Gittins, a visionary artist despite his eccentricities, spent thirty-three years converting his home into a fully immersive work of art.

Gittins led a solitary life and forbade anybody from entering his apartment; hence, his family was unaware of the intricate paintings and enormous sculptures he had produced until he died in 2019.

They were shocked to see the enormous stacks of bags, art tools, cartons, and other stuff, as well as the stunning artwork that Gittins had produced around the whole place.

Thinking it would be a disgrace to allow such magnificent artwork to be destroyed; his niece Jan Williams and her partner Chris Teasdale started a petition to protect the apartment.

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The flat is in Birkenhead, England, and the artwork may now be seen by everyone since it has been given special status by England’s Department for Culture, owing to the efforts of Williams and Teasdale.

The protected property, known as Ron’s Place, has been upgraded to Grade II grade because it “has more than special interest” and cannot be damaged in any manner.

Ron's Place Birkenhead
Lion sculpture picture from the Ron’s Place website

His relatives claimed that Gittins might have struggled with mental health concerns and was tough to deal with. But he lived a happy life, never giving a damn about what people thought of him. Occasionally, he dressed up and went outdoors to find supplies for his amazing creations at home.

Williams and her partner are also artists and to raise money for the apartment they started a trust called- Wirral Arts and Culture Community Land Trust for crowdfunding purposes.

Fortunately, they were able to raise sufficient funds to buy not just the apartment but the entire building.

Famous historical Roman, Greek, and Egyptian scenes are depicted in paintings and murals throughout the whole apartment. There are other paintings of water life in addition to these.

But the most captivating artworks are enormous sculptures of animals including a minotaur, a fireplace with a gigantic lion’s head on it, and a Roman altar in his kitchen.

Ron's Place Birkenhead
A picture of a ceiling from the Ron’s Place website

Gittins may have cooked in the functional fireplace that was practically utilized as a working fireplace inside the enormous lion sculpture.

“Ron always had his own particular vision and tended to work outside the parameters of the official art world,” according to the official Ron’s Place website.

While he occasionally took on portrait requests, his main focus was allowing his imagination to run wild and creating immersive, dreamlike worlds.

According to Upworthy, the remaining flats in the building will undergo renovations and be utilized as artist studios for anybody who would like to visit and work there.

Even though Gittins never allowed anybody to see his creations throughout the 33 years he lived in the apartment starting from 1986, after his passing, his art will continue to exist and be witnessed by innumerable others who will be inspired by it.

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