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Meet India’s youngest and strongest deadlifter, 9-year-old Arshia Goswami

India’s Arshia Goswami who weighs 55 pounds does a deadlift of 165 pounds. She is the country’s youngest and strongest deadlifter.

At first glance, 9-year-old Arshia Goswami from India seems like an ordinary girl; but her feats are extra ordinary.

You will be shocked to know that the Panchkula resident from the Indian state of Haryana, has the power to lift weights more than three times her weight.

As reported by the New York Post, Goswami is India’s youngest and strongest deadlifter, as her tiny frame of 55 pounds can easily lift and withstand an astonishing 165 pounds in her Instagram video.

With a following of more than 735,000 followers on her Instagram account, the clip which has been watched more than 48 million times, has been captioned as “The youngest and strongest Indian.”

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At the young age of 8 years, Goswami powerlifted 132 pounds creating an Asian record for herself. In the incredible video, Goswami is seen wearing a lift belt and getting ready to lift a barbell that is loaded with weights that tip the scale in many colors.

With a groan, the little powerlifter raises the enormous burden to her waist, drops it again with a loud thud, and triumphantly walks off the mat.

strongest deadlifter
Arshia Goswami: Picture from her Instagram

The petite youngster began her powerlifting journey in 2021, as per the India Book of Records. She broke the record for the youngest deadlifter in the country when she lifted approximately 100 pounds. 

Since then, she has only progressed further on the weightlifting scene, as she took home several titles and even landed sponsorship deals with Jerai Fitness and MuscleBlaze, two well-known fitness companies from India.

Even though Goswami’s backbreaking endeavor looks improbable, many Instagram commenters were in a state of disbelief and left stunned by the relatively large attempt.

“Whoa. It took me years to try that weight when I was a teenager. Mad respect,” a spectator said about her incredible accomplishment.

“Easily 25 kgs [55 pounds] more than my PR,” another commenter stated. “I’m 42 as well. This is just amazing!”

strongest deadlifter
Arshia Goswami: Picture from her Instagram

In reaction to others who were being negative about her accomplishment in the comment area, one person challenged another, saying, “I would like to see all the tough guys in the comments deadlift 3 times their weight.”

“I have no idea how she does it. Avnish Goswami, her happy father, told Sportstar, “Is it genetic, or maybe she’s got some rare gift?”

His pride and pleasure, he believes, will one day compete in the Olympics. Though undoubtedly remarkable, Arshia is not the only young person with superhuman strength in the world.

Aurora van Ulft, a 9-year-old Canadian girl who goes by Rory van Ulft most of the time, deadlifted 244 pounds in 2022—more than three times her body weight.

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