Boy with size 23 feet

Boy with size 23 feet had trouble finding shoes until Shaq heard about his struggle

Shaq, once again, helps a boy with size 23 feet!

Whether you are a parent of a toddler, infant, or rapidly growing adolescent, it is not an easy task.

Every stage has its own set of obstacles and problems, such as caring for a baby around-the-clock and teaching them when to go to sleep and eat. As soon as you feel fortunate to have an adolescent who is now an adult, new and unexplored difficulties may arise.

Parents who have experienced abrupt growth spurts understand all too well how challenging it can be to locate clothing and footwear that fits their now-“not-so-little kids.”

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Similarly, Tamika Neal from Missouri experienced this; her 16-year-old son, Jor’el Bolden, is not your typical adolescent. Bolden has long exceeded the average weight and height fit for a teenager.

As per Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, boys at 16 years of age are generally around 5-foot-3 and 6-foot tall, with weights hovering around 104–180 pounds. However, Bolden weighs 380 pounds and has a big 6-foot-5 frame. He wears a size 23 shoe.

This makes it difficult for his mother to find the correct size of shoes for her son.

The mother-son team even went so far as to appear on KCTV 5, the local news station, to provide a detailed explanation of the entire scenario in an attempt to find a solution.

Neal explained that Bolden’s feet have always been larger than average since birth. Neal’s size meant that he could only wear socks instead of the adorable, soft baby shoes that typically accompany baby clothes.

The news quickly gathered traction following the broadcast and attracted the attention of someone who had previously encountered a similar situation and struggled to locate the necessary shoe size.

And it was none other than the former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, who is 7 feet 1 inch tall, 324 pounds, and wears a size 22.

Boy with size 23 feet
Shaquille O’Neal

Entertainment Tonight contacted Bolden’s mother to let her know that Shaq wanted to talk to them. The NBA veteran reportedly told the pair via FaceTime that they should expect something in the mail from him, according to KCTV 5.

Soon enough, the teenager received three crates full of clothes and twenty pairs of shoes from Shaq, some of which came from his own closet. “It’s better than Christmas morning; Shaq sent this, not Santa,” Neal said to the news station.

Prior to Shaq’s gift, Neal could only locate shoes on eBay that were too tiny, which hurt Bolden’s feet when he walked.

Although Bolden is only sixteen, he is grateful that the NBA player has allowed him to walk pain-free for the time being. He might probably experience another growth spurt in the future, necessitating an even larger shoe size.

The mother had first created a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the creation of custom shoes since she was having so much trouble obtaining them for her son; as of right now, the page has raised just over $12,000.

Donations flooded in after she appeared on television, and Neal says they would be used to purchase larger shoes in the future.

“I appreciate you giving me the money you earned and the time you took to help me,” Bolden said to KCTV 5. “I appreciate everything that has resulted from it thus far and everything that will.”

Well-known for his generosity and philanthropic ways, this is not the first time Shaq has helped someone in need. He’s previously assisted another young person, Eric Kilburn Jr., who was also having trouble finding sneakers for size 23 feet.

Shaq knows so well that true satisfaction comes from giving, which is why he consistently helps tall teenagers.

Maya Bennett