A big miracle

A Big Miracle: All 379 passengers on board a Japanese airliner rescued as flames engulfed the airplane

A big miracle story emerges from Japan, as a large airliner carrying around 400 passengers and crew members exploded today at Haneda airport.

Just a day ago Japan’s west coast was devastated by a massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake which led to the killing of dozens of people and destruction of thousands of homes.

And today the Daily Mail reported, a Japan Airlines jet that was carrying 367 passengers and 12 crew members on 516 Airbus A-350 caught fire as it collided with a coastguard plane at the Haneda Airport, in Ota City, Tokyo.

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Luckily, a massive tragedy was averted resulting in a miraculous feat as all passengers on board were safely rescued.

Shocking pictures and videos have been emerging from the crash site at Haneda airport, one of Japan’s busiest airports, and passengers were seen racing on the runway to escape from the blaze.

No official numbers have been announced as yet confirming the number of passengers evacuated or injured in the incident, however, all of them seem to have survived the blaze.

A big miracle
Stock picture of a Japanese Airlines aircraft

Frightening images showed flames erupting out of windows and nose of the airplane, as debris fell from the flight covering large areas of the runway.

The Coastguard plane was on its way to help with rescue efforts following the massive earthquake in Central Japan on New Year’s Day.

Unfortunately, five members of the Japan Coast Guard lost their lives in the crash, while the 39-year-old captain, Genki Miyamoto, managed to escape the aircraft before it exploded on the runway.

Airport authorities are investigating the reason behind the incident. Meanwhile, 70 fire engines have been deployed to control the blaze as rescue workers tried to douse the fire with water hoses. 

The airport has been shut down as of now and dozens of flights have been diverted. Swift action taken by staff of the Japan Airlines aircraft helped in the safe escape of all passengers and crew on board.

Japan Airlines paid tribute to the five coast guard members who lost their lives due to the crash and apologized to the passengers of the flight for all the distress and inconvenience caused to them.

Despite the shocking inferno and tragedy, the rescue and survival of all passengers on the flight is no less than a big miracle. 

Maya Bennett