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Devoted Boyfriend Grows 2 Feet of Hair Over 4 Years to Craft Wig for Bald Girlfriend

Cody Ennis, a loving boyfriend, took the phrase “hair today, gone tomorrow” quite literally as he grew his hair two feet long for his bald girlfriend!

In a unique twist on the traditional hair donation, a 31-year-old man named Cody Ennis from Waterford, Michigan has captured hearts (and raised eyebrows) with his outlandish gesture of love, according to the New York Post.

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For four long years, Ennis meticulously grew his hair two feet long, all with the intention of donating it to his bald girlfriend, Hannah Hosking, 27.

His reasoning? To make breaking up with him just too inconvenient, he laughed.

Hosking was diagnosed with alopecia when she was only seven years old. The hereditary disease leads to bald patches and hair loss throughout the body. It can affect men or women from any age group.

Self-doubt and body-image issues can significantly affect relationships and the story began when Hosking, who suffers from alopecia, confided in Ennis about her insecurities and the challenges of finding suitable wigs.

“One night, we were just hanging out, and she was talking about how much she missed having long hair,” said Ennis.

“So I figured, why not grow mine out and give it to her?” Hosking is unsure how Ennis decided to grow out his mane, but in May 2020, the sweet couple began their almost four-year-long hair-growing journey.

While the initial proposition started as a playful joke, Ennis soon committed to the ambitious hair-growing project.

He documented his journey on social media, sharing tips for hair care and enduring good-natured ribbing from friends and family.

“There were definitely some awkward moments,” laughs Ennis. “Showering was like wrangling a wet sheep, and sleeping felt like snuggling with a yeti.”

Despite the challenges, Ennis remained dedicated to his mission. He researched hair donation regulations, contacted wigmakers, and even learned how to braid his hair to prevent tangles.

Finally, after four years of meticulous growth, the moment arrived. Ennis cut his locks in an emotional ceremony, watching as his hair was transformed into a beautiful wig by Florida Fancies for $899.

bald girlfriend
Hannah Hoskin with her wig and Cody Ennis

Hosking, understandably touched by the gesture, says she “couldn’t believe it” when she first saw the lace-front wig. “It’s like he gave me a piece of himself,” she shares.

While she admits the thought of breaking up with Ennis has never crossed her mind, she appreciates the sentimentality behind the gift. “It’s a constant reminder of his love and support, even on bad hair days,” she laughs.

The couple’s story has gone viral, sparking widespread discussion about unconventional expressions of love, hair donation, and the beauty of embracing baldness.

Ennis’s hairy endeavor has generated buzz and raised awareness for alopecia. “I may have grown my hair for a quirky reason,” he says, “but if it helps people open their minds and accept one another, then it’s all worth it.”

Maya Bennett