13 year old Louis Vuitton internship

13-year-old French schoolboy and fashion prodigy lands up with a Louis Vuitton internship

Milan, a 13-year-old schoolboy becomes the youngest ever to bag a Louis Vuitton internship after his mom posted his designs on X.

Meet Milan, a 13-year-old schoolboy from Paris who has made history as the youngest-ever intern at Louis Vuitton! But his journey to the iconic fashion house wasn’t ordinary. 

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Milan, like many talented youths, experiences attention disorders. However, this didn’t stop him from expressing his passion for fashion through his remarkable designs, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Driven by his admiration for Louis Vuitton, Milan poured his creativity into sketches of sneakers, loungewear, tracksuits, and even women’s dresses, all incorporating the brand’s famous monogram logo.

Milan’s mother, Louise Odessa, saw his potential and decided to share his artwork online.

She posted the sketches on X, hoping to land Milan some work experience.

13 year old Louis Vuitton internship
Pictures from Milan’s mom’s X account

Little did she know, the post would go viral, capturing the attention of nearly 200,000 people, including a French journalist who highlighted Milan’s work. And that’s when Louis Vuitton took notice.

“He’s just a little passionate about Louis Vuitton,” Louise wrote in her post, alongside a touching plea: “Could you allow him a short one-week observation course or tell me how to proceed please? It’s his birthday on December 14th. Please please please.”

Touched by Milan’s talent and Louise’s dedication, Louis Vuitton reached out and offered the young designer a week-long internship. This incredible opportunity proved to be life-changing for Milan.

“I felt more at ease there than at school, after two days,” he shared, describing the experience as “the beginning of life” and “magical.”

During his internship, Milan not only observed; he also continued to create.

He even conceived a briefcase design that aligned perfectly with the brand’s vision. Louise, overwhelmed with pride and gratitude, posted on X : “BELIEVE IN YOU! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS! ALL IS POSSIBLE!”

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