adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder, was proven true by this man who shared his ‘ugly’ experience on YouTube

Here comes another heartwarming story of true love that proves the adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder, from an unexpected place: YouTube.

A Swedish YouTuber runs a channel on the platform called ‘Never Give Up,’ where he shares his insecurities about being perceived as unattractive.

In 2018, during a low phase, he posted a video titled ‘Being Ugly: My Experience.’ In the video, he clarified that he was drunk and feeling distressed.

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He explained how challenging it was for him, as every video he came across on YouTube featured a normal or attractive guy.

In the video, he expressed, ‘My entire life, I have been treated quite badly. I feel really alone, and I felt like searching YouTube for people with the same issue as me – being really unattractive.’

He then listed all the physical features about himself that he does not like. This video was watched over 20 million times, but one comment changed his life forever, as per UNILAD.

adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Comment made by Juli.Romina.M

A user named Juli.Romina.M commented, ‘I actually think you’re kinda cute, tbh. I mean it.’ This comment was pinned by the YouTuber, leading to a complete change in both of their lives.

The pair connected on Discord and formed a bond that quickly evolved into a long-distance relationship. Within a year, Juli flew to Sweden, and the couple got married, much to the joy of his subscribers.

Juliana then reminisced about how her first comment on the YouTube channel led to the beginning of a beautiful love story. ‘Funny how destiny works,’ she smiles.

This inspiring story gives hope to millions across the internet that beauty is only skin deep and the right one will surely see beyond looks.

The homepage of the ‘Never Give Up’ channel on YouTube now mentions ‘I love my wonderful Juliana’ message in the bio.

Maya Bennett