Emotional support doll

Emotional support doll, ‘Gilly the Monster’ has become a symbol of comfort for hundreds

A Florida family transformed their son’s cherished stuffed animal into an emotional support doll and a beloved figure for the community.

In this tale, Florida mom Alison Weaver found solace by hugging her son’s stuffed monster, Gilly, during a moment of distress.

This act of comfort prompted Weaver to extend Gilly’s positive influence beyond her family, which led her to share the emotional support doll with others.

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At 47 years old, Weaver now takes “Gilly the Monster” along with her almost everywhere, including her workplace at a theme park, as reported by PEOPLE.

Gilly’s presence brings comfort and joy to those around him, becoming a beloved figure for both colleagues and friends.

Weaver’s generosity extends further, as she started distributing dolls like Gilly to friends and relatives, emphasizing the positive impact of these emotional support companions.

Although initially Weaver was reluctant, after her kids’ encouragement, she started a YouTube channel called “Gilly the Monster” to document the doll’s adventures and stories of kindness.

Emotional support doll
Screenshot from ‘Gilly the Monster’s’ YouTube channel

The channel, boasting around 500 subscribers, serves as a testament to the monster’s widespread appeal and the joy he brings to people’s lives.

Weaver is glad about the happiness Gilly imparts not only to her family but also to strangers.

Gilly’s growing popularity led to an unexpected role as a kindness ambassador for the “Yellow Band Project.”

Collaborating with this organization, Weaver distributes kindness bracelets to promote goodwill and acknowledge individuals engaging in positive deeds.

Gilly is now an integral part of spreading joy and travels with Weaver everywhere she goes. She looks for opportunities to share these bracelets with anyone in need of them.

Notably, individuals undergoing depression find solace and smiles through the comforting presence of the stuffed toy.

Weaver is glad of the profound impact of this seemingly simple idea, expressing love, hope, and joy to those around her.

She aspires to continue spreading the joy that Gilly has brought to her own family, underscoring the importance and transformative power of a small act of kindness.

Maya Bennett