oldest person to hike rim to rim Grand Canyon

92-year-old becomes oldest person to hike rim to rim Grand Canyon on foot

Age is just a number when it comes to the adventure spirit of Alfredo Aliaga Burdio as he becomes the oldest person to hike rim to rim Grand Canyon on foot.

92-year-old Alfredo Aliaga Burdio who currently lives in Berlin, Germany, achieved a remarkable feat of hiking Grand Canyon rim to rim on foot, according to PEOPLE.

The total hike covers a distance of around 23 miles which is quite challenging and requires strength and preparation. Burdio beat the earlier world record set by 91-year-old American Mr John Jepkema in 2019.

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The Guinness World Records also confirmed the amazing record accomplished by Burdio last October when he was accompanied by his daughter – Anabel Aliaga-Buchenau, and grandson.

He finished the Grand Canyon rim to rim hike in 2 days, hiking for a staggering 21 hours. Burdio also has an emotional reason behind this hike as his wife, who was also an avid hiker and his constant companion passed away in 2006.

He’d walked the Grand Canyon hike rim to rim with her many times, along with Machu Picchu, Base Camp of Mount Everest, etc. To heal from her death, Burdio decided to revisit all the places he had been to with her.

oldest person to hike rim to rim Grand Canyon
Alfredo Aliaga Burdio: Picture shared by Guinness World Records

He claims to have started living a healthy lifestyle only from the age of 76, as he trained himself by walking 8 miles every day.

Burdio also admitted to feeling “very tired” in the first five hours of the hike, however, after a 15-minute refueling break he started feeling strong again.

As news of his hike spread, local news stations and social media turned him into a celebrity and fellow hikers started noticing him. Some of them even clicked selfies with him and told him he’s inspirational, while some called him a “hero.”

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Burdio also revealed to the Guinness World Records the secret of his healthy life, which he attributes to 3 things “eating healthy and drinking water, walking for 30 minutes per day, and sleeping in the dark of the night for eight hours.”

His daughter Anabel is also “glad and proud” of the fact that her father has created a new world record.

Maya Bennett