Boris and Horton Cafe

Boris and Horton Café, a Dog-Friendly Establishment, Reopens After Raising $250K in Donations

The dog-friendly café, Boris and Horton Café in New York City reopens with some changes after receiving a boost from the community. 

Boris and Horton Café in East Village, New York City, a popular dog-friendly establishment, was going to close, according to its owners, Logan Mikhly and her dad Coppy Holzman, as announced on February 15 of this year.

Both the cafes in East Village and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, were poised to close owing to financial limitations. 

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Unlike other dog cafés, Boris and Horton Café, situated at the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A, features three separate areas where dogs and their owners are permitted but food cannot be ordered, a takeout window, and a seated area where only humans are permitted, distinguishing it as a dog-friendly café. 

According to the New York Times, both devoted customers and patrons were disappointed to learn that their favorite hangout would be closing.

Boris and Horton Cafe
Boris and Horton Cafe

So, they set up a GoFundMe campaign and raised over $250,000 to help the proprietors continue running their business smoothly.

The overwhelming support from the local community prompted Ms. Mikhly and Mr. Holzman to reconsider their decision.

So, when they reopened the café on March 11, they decided to add exciting new features and make some adjustments to their business model. 

The owners were forced to close shop due to rising costs caused by higher insurance premiums, hiring additional workers to clean the premises, the exorbitant rent in NYC, which ranges between $110 and $125 per square foot, and the usage of only disposable plates and cups for eating. 

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They are presently in talks with the landlords to renegotiate their lease, as they intend to charge a visitor’s fee in addition to the cost of any food or drinks. 

They are also planning to introduce a $40 monthly membership that would include invitations to exclusive events and certain delights each month. 

Earlier many visitors had begun to use the area as a co-working space, staying for 6-7 hours per day as their dogs mingled with other dogs.

Boris and Horton Cafe
Boris and Horton Cafe

It functioned as a daycare facility for dogs for the price of one drink, whereas pet care in New York City is between $50 and $70 a week. 

Both Ms. Mikhly and Mr. Holzman lack expertise in the hospitality sector, and the idea of a dog-friendly café came to them while walking their dogs – Boris and Horton. 

Named after their dogs, they made that vision a reality in 2018 with the launch of their first Boris and Horton Cafe in the East Village location. 

Despite having had numerous difficulties and concerns in the past, the proprietors now look forward to continuing with their café in a more diligent and financially responsible manner.

Maya Bennett