Dreams do come true and miracles still happen

Dreams do come true and miracles still happen, as Gordon Ramsay fulfills young cancer patient’s ‘bucket list’

Gordon Ramsay meets a young cancer patient which makes one believe that dreams do come true and miracles still happen.

One fan’s dream did come true, thanks to Gordon Ramsay.

After receiving a stage four terminal cancer diagnosis, Madison expressed her desire to meet Ramsay in a “bucket list” video on TikTok that went viral in January with the description “My bucket [list] ft. terminal cancer!” had over 7 million views.

Popular TV chef, Ramsay, 57 shared a heartwarming TikTok video on Saturday in which he fulfilled the young cancer patient, Madison’s bucket list.

After the video went viral, Ramsay flew Madison out to see him in Miami, as per PEOPLE. In his video reply, Ramsay remarked, he wished to see and have a face-to-face meeting with her and not just say hello and goodbye.

He went on, “First of all, I’d like to fly you down to Miami, have dinner in [his restaurant] Hell’s Kitchen with you and your girlfriend.”

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And if this wasn’t enough then he wished Madison to be his special guest at the opening of his new restaurant Lucky Cat in South Beach on Friday night the following week.

Celebrities gathered for Ramsay’s opening night at Lucky Cat on Friday, including Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lisa Hochstein, and special guest Madison.

In the meantime, video from the reunion appeared in Ramsay’s Saturday TikTok, where Madison could be seen crying as she held hands with him and then received a warm hug from him.

The two could also be seen giggling as they danced in the restaurant’s kitchen, with Ramsay giving Madison a few spins.

“I hope your time in Miami was amazing, @madison!” Ramsay captioned the photo. “Having you as my VVIP at #LuckyCat last night was such an honor! Thank you to everyone on TikTok for contributing to the realization of Gx’s ambitions.”

Dreams do come true and miracles still happen
Madison at the opening night of Lucky Cat via her Instagram

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“THE MOST SPECIAL NIGHT OF MY LIFE,” Madison wrote in the space provided for comments. SO GORGEOUS. Truly fantastic. I adore the entire Gordon family so much. I appreciate it.” 😭

The ardent Ramsay fan continued, calling the meeting the “biggest honor” as she shared other videos of herself dancing with Ramsay during their meeting.

Regarding the bucket list encounter, the pleased user captioned the photo, saying, “The biggest honor and the coolest night of my whole entire life.” She tagged Ramsay and continued, “And for everyone who made this happen: I love you!”

“I appreciate you teaching me how to dance; this is my first time ever in a kitchen❤️,” Ramsay retorted. Miracles still happen and dreams do come true, only if your dare to dream, that is!

Maya Bennett