missed graduation ceremony

Plane passengers give mid-air celebration to 5-year-old who missed graduation ceremony

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Five-year-old Xavier Rivas, who missed his graduation ceremony, was given a special surprise by Frontier Airlines.

A highly sociable and chirpy five-year-old passenger, Xavier Rivas, was flying with his mom, Janeiry, from Orlando, Florida, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on the day of his kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Since the little boy missed his important day, Frontier Airlines treated him with a special mid-air celebration.

Janeiry, a single mother, explained to Good Morning America that she was supposed to be the maid of honor at her cousin’s wedding, which was taking place on Rivas’s graduation day.

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She had agreed to be the maid of honor in 2023, thinking she would be in the clear for her son’s graduation. However, the school chose to reschedule the date of the event, leaving her in a difficult spot.

Janeiry was worried and almost cried because she understood how important the day was for her kid.

She knew well that Rivas would be unhappy and requested his teachers and the school management to change the date of the event.

Unfortunately, the dates stayed unchanged, and she was unable to step down from her duties as maid of honor.

So, as the mother-son duo boarded the flight, Rivas was upset about missing his event, but being the talkative youngster he is, he told almost everybody he saw on the plane about his missed graduation ceremony.

When the airline staff learned about Rivas’ situation, they decided to hold a special event for the kid before landing.

A flight attendant announced on the in-flight PA system, “He is missing his graduation, his Kindergarten graduation today. And because he chose to fly Frontier instead, we are giving him his graduation ceremony on this flight.” 

missed graduation ceremony
Xavier Rivas with pilots of his flight: Image via Janeiry

After the announcement was made, all of the passengers participated in the ceremony as they congratulated Rivas when he walked down the aisle in a traditional gown and red graduation cap.

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Rivas was super happy when the passengers cheered for him, gave him high-fives, and even recorded clips of the event on their phones.

He even received some small gifts and met the pilots in the cockpit, making it a memorable and unique experience for Rivas and his mom. You can watch the wholesome moment in the video below.

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