Woman shopping at Target gets caught by her husband after claiming she swore off shopping for Lent

Social media influencer Kevin Cooney recently posted a TikTok video of his wife Ashley breaking her rule of no shopping and exposed the woman shopping at Target.

woman shopping at Target
Target store picture from their Facebook page

A famous TikToker with a following of 1.1 million on the platform, 26-year-old Kevin Cooney recently shared a hilarious video, exposing his wife breaking her no-shopping rule during Lent, as reported by PEOPLE.

In a video shared by him on the platform, he wrote the caption, “Out here cheating on the lord…@target please escort my wife out of all locations, she is a flight risk.”

The internet celebrity Cooney revealed in a TikTok video uploaded on Friday the moment he discovered his wife Ashley was shopping in Target after making a vow to abstain from the activity during the holy period.

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In the video, which has received 3.8 million views, Cooney explained, “So my wife gave up shopping for Lent, and I think she forgot that we share locations. Let’s go see what the hell’s going on here.”

“She’s gotta be around here,” he then said, snooping around for his wife, before he found her looking at cushions in one of the aisles.

“What are we doing?” Cooney questioned, turning to face his spouse. “What are you doing?”

Then, Ashley, who looked visibly shocked upon seeing her husband, responded with “Why are you here?” and dropped the pillows she was holding in disbelief.

 “What brings you here?” Cooney answered, to which she retorted, “Honey! I now work here.”

woman shopping at Target
Kevin Cooney with his wife Ashley – picture from his Instagram page

The humorous video was shared on Instagram as well, where it sparked laughter from viewers who commented on the post.

Social media users responded with equal amusement, writing, “Gave up shopping picked up lying 😂 😂,” and, “The way she immediately dropped everything reminded me of the toys in Toy Story when Andy walks in 💀😅.”

Ashley, on the other hand, wrote, “Everyone thinks I’m out here spending your hard-earned money yet here I am slaving away, sacrificing my Sundays for our family.”

Ashley’s falsehood about working at Target was also supported by other users, who said,

I work with her; therefore, I can attest to her character. Another commenter said, “She works in the pillows department.”

While someone wrote, “She was clearly putting back items that others had placed in the wrong spot. She is employed.”

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