lala a king penguin

Meet Lala a King Penguin from Japan, who walks into town to get a fish from his local market

Watch the video of Lala a king penguin, grocery shopping in Japan.

Most of us love animals and pets, be it cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, fish, etc.

But have you ever heard of a pet “king penguin”?

If not, then meet Lala, a king penguin from Antarctica, who found his way to the hot and humid town of Shibushi in Japan and lived the rest of his life with his human family.

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So, the question is how and why did Lala leave the cold conditions of the South Pole and venture to Japan?

The story goes that as fishermen went for fishing expeditions near the South Pole and Antarctica in 1986, Lala was caught in the fishing net with an injured wing and beak.

lala a king penguin
Lala’s picture courtesy: YouTube documentary

The fishermen felt sympathy for the bird and kept him on the boat, as they were far away from the bird’s home and didn’t want him to end up as a meal for the sharks.

A construction manager from Shibushi named Yukio Mishimoto had a friendship with one of the fishermen.

And he would keep making jokes about bringing back a penguin from the South Pole, as shared by My Modern Met.

That joke, however, turned into a reality when the fisherman brought Lala to Japan.

Lala was then given to the Mishimoto family, who cared for him until he recovered and joined their family of four.

To ensure that Lala wouldn’t miss his native surroundings, the Mishimotos also took good care of the bird by building a special air-conditioned room for him.

Lala was also taught by the family to go fish shopping every day, as reported by the Bored Panda.

Lala would leave his house with a Pingu backpack and waddle across the town, stopping at the local market to eat freshly caught fish, which was generously fed by the fish vendors.

Neighbors of the adorable bird were equally fond of him and enjoyed petting and caring for him every day.

Some of them even sprayed him with a hose to assist him cool off from the heat.

You can see Lala’s cute fish shopping video and a brief documentary from 1996 on YouTube by scrolling down.

The adorable mini documentary of Lala king penguin

Lala’s mini-documentary has gained widespread recognition on social media due to the sharing of its clips on several platforms.

Lala is no longer with us; he died in 1998 at the age of twelve.

Despite being taken from his native habitat by humans, he was cherished and made to feel at home by compassionate people.  

Maya Bennett