University of North Texas graduation

University of North Texas graduation makes history as it welcomes an extraordinary student aged 90

90-year-old student is the oldest ever to earn her Master’s degree at the University of North Texas graduation ceremony

Minnie Payne, a 90-year-old woman from Texas, graduated high school in 1950 and later on took classes in a junior college after which she joined the workforce.

Now after 73 years, Payne has earned her Master’s degree from the University of North Texas, making her their oldest student ever.

She feels proud of her achievement which has left her feeling both “elated” and “humbled,” as reported by NBC 5.

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Payne was raised in South Carolina, and both her parents were uneducated mill workers.

University of North Texas graduation
Minnie Payne with her family

She worked as a transcriptionist and word processor for 30 years, after which she first went to school at the age of 73 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies from Texas Women’s University in 2006.

And now after 17 years, Payne once again decided to go back to school, as she joined the online course for a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies according to the University of North Texas.

She found completing the work “hard” and even pulled “many all-nighters” like other college students.

At the University of North Texas graduation ceremony on Sunday, Payne’s grandson accompanied her as she walked the stage.

But this is hardly the end of her educational journey, as Payne wishes to “continue learning” and she intends to continue working as long as she can.

Maya Bennett