Replace lost passport urgently

Couple Rush to Replace Lost Passport Urgently After Dog Mishap Threatens Italy Wedding

A Boston-based couple’s dog eats the groom’s passport and they race against time to replace lost passport urgently for their destination wedding in Italy.

A couple from Boston, Donato Frattaroli and Magda Mazri, faced a potential disaster leading up to their destination wedding at Lake Garda, Italy.

A few days before their planned ceremony on August 31, their beloved dog, Chickie, chewed through Donato’s passport, as reported by the New York Post.

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Despite Donato’s typically organized nature, the discovery of his shredded passport induced panic.

Determined not to let this mishap ruin their special day, Magda took charge, according to WCVB.

In a stressful week, Donato expressed his willingness to travel anywhere in the USA to replace the lost passport and obtain a new one.

Magda reached out to local officials, and through their connections, she secured an appointment with U.S. Senator Edward Markey and Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts.

The couple managed to schedule an appointment a week later in Boston to replace the lost passport and issue a new one.

The couple had a beautiful wedding in Italy accompanied by friends and family, on the same date as planned.

However, their journey back to the USA was laced with additional hurdles.

The couple encountered difficulties reaching home from New York as their flight was canceled due to inclement weather, and no rental cars were available.

Undeterred, they continued their journey by taking a train from Penn Station to Boston, successfully overcoming the unexpected challenges.

In the end, despite the initial setbacks, the couple’s determination and resourcefulness prevailed, allowing them to reach home with some amazing memories of their lovely destination wedding as they had anticipated.

Maya Bennett