brand new set of golf clubs

Iowa Teen Who Lost Home in Tornado Asks for a Brand New Set of Golf Clubs on TV and Golf Companies Offer to Provide Them

Bradley Gebbie, an avid golfer from Greenfield, Iowa, who lost everything in a recent tornado, surprisingly gets a brand new set of golf clubs for free!

As strong winds lashed and a powerful tornado broke through the tiny town of Greenfield, Iowa, last Tuesday, May 21, at least five people lost their lives and dozens were left injured, as reported by the New York Post.

A high school graduate, Bradley Gebbie, who lost his home and everything else in the deadly twister, spoke in a TV interview conducted by the local outlet WHO-13 about the loss of his precious golf clubs.

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Gebbie, who graduated just two days before the natural calamity from Nodaway High School last Sunday, explained how he “lost a lot” and had invested “three grand,” into his golf clubs.

brand new set of golf clubs
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An avid golfer, he gave a shoutout to some of the biggest golf equipment companies in the U.S., including TaylorMade, Titleist, and Callaway.

He requested them by saying, “I really need a new set. I lost it, and I really just love golf.”

On this statement, the sports reporter, Keith Murphy from the outlet WHO-13, was also amused and smiled. The interview video clip was uploaded on X (formerly Twitter) and has been seen over a million times thus far. 

To garner the attention of the three companies that Gebbie mentioned in the clip, Murphy tweeted on X in a post, “Hey @Titleist @TaylorMadeGolf @CallawayGolf, which one of you wants to help this young man who lost his home in a tornado? Have a listen please.”

Several firms responded to the above tweet, including Callaway, who said, “Happy to help. Shoot us a DM.” 

In a later post, Murphy clarified that Callaway Golf was willing to provide the teen with a brand new set of full golf clubs for free.

Murphy also added in the tweet, “Bradley was on the Wolverines’ golf team and his sense of humor at a tough time is inspiring.”

Other golf club companies and avid golfers also appreciated Gebbie’s sense of humor during a tough time and offered some more golf goodies for the young man.

Situated about 55 miles southwest of Des Moines, the tiny town of Greenfield, consisting of 2,000 people, witnessed massive destruction as multiple houses were destroyed, leaving behind debris and litter across the neighborhood.

Among the heavy clouds of disaster looming over Greenfield, this incident certainly shines as a silver lining! 

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