strange animal friendships

Strange Animal Friendships: Man Reveals Heartwarming Bond with Fox He Nursed Back to Health in the Wild

Bob Dunlop, a Cambridgeshire resident, revealed a strange animal friendship with a fox he had befriended.

According to the Good News Network, Bob Dunlop, 69, a kind man from Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England, has formed a strange animal friendship with an unlikely fox.

When he realized her tail wasn’t as bushy as it should have been in December, he suspected the fox was sick, and a closer look at the wildlife cameras set up near his house verified his suspicion.

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Dunlop tracked the tiny animal on camera and discovered her den. And, following recommendations from the National Fox Welfare Society, he began treating the small cub with homeopathic medicine.

They sent Dunlop a complimentary homeopathic remedy consisting of sulphur 30c and arsenicum.

strange animal friendships
Screenshot from the video via SWNS

He placed a few drops of the medicine onto some bread and handed it to the creature daily on his regular treks through the English forest.

This resulted in one of the oddest animal-human partnerships between Dunlop and the wild fox.

Dunlop made a unique animal acquaintance, but he was careful not to make the young cub too tame.

He is no longer feeding the fox and reduced his visits to her in the hopes that she would remain independent in the wild.

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Dunlop believes the young pup is the last member of a fox family who stayed in the region earlier. The cub is now around a year old and has recovered from the sickness, which she most likely contracted from her mother.

Mange is a skin ailment caused by very tiny mites that penetrate deep into the skin of an animal.

Although he considers the little critter “a special animal” and finds it difficult to let go since the fox behaves like a dog and showers him with a lot of love and affection.

SWNS released an uplifting video in which the little pup whines and bites at Dunlop’s trousers in an attempt to get his attention.

Despite their weird animal bond, Dunlop wants the fox to be free and even have her own pups someday.

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