extremely obese dog

Woman fosters an extremely obese dog, thereby giving the dog a new lease of life

Frannie, an extremely obese dog about to be euthanized is helped by a kind veterinarian student, Annika Bram.

A 24-year-old veterinary student, Annika Bram from California, has taken on the challenge of fostering an extremely obese dog named Frannie. She documents this journey on an Instagram account followed by thousands of people, as reported by Good News Network.

The 8-year-old golden retriever, named Frannie, weighed an astonishing 125 pounds and was about to be euthanized due to her weight issues.

Frannie was unable to sit up or even stand as she suffered from obesity, pneumonia, and hyperthyroidism. A rescue organization called Rover’s Retreat learned of the pooch’s miserable condition and provided her with the required care and support.

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Bram, on the other hand, has a history with overweight dogs. Her previous golden retriever, Georgia, was also an extremely obese dog.

She helped Georgia lose 85 pounds during their five years together until her recent death.

As Bram learned about Frannie’s condition through Rover’s Retreat, she believed that she was the right person to take care of her. Upon contacting the organization, Bram was informed that Frannie was double the weight of a female golden retriever at 125 pounds.

extremely obese dog
Annika Bram with Frannie – picture via Frannies.fight Instagram page

Bram drove for over three hours to meet Frannie in San Diego from the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Despite her busy schedule at veterinary school, Bram manages her education along with Frannie’s health and believes that Georgia led her to help the former out of her misery.

Recalling her first meeting with Frannie, Bram says the dog seemed “completely defeated.”

The president of Rover’s Retreat, Sydney Maleman, told The Washington Post about Frannie, mentioning that she had never received any medical care. But after interacting with Bram, Maleman realized she was the right person to take care of Frannie.

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He also mentioned, “Annika just kept following up,” and she was willing to do everything possible to help the pooch out of her terrible condition.

Once she got the pooch, Bram created an Instagram page with the name “Frannies.fight,” which is followed by more than 350,000 people eager to know about the pup’s journey towards a healthier life.

Determined to help the pup lose weight, Bram shares various techniques she employs for this difficult task.

Initially, Frannie was so heavy that she was unable to stand, so Bram made her sit on a crate so she could learn to use her hind legs and be able to put some weight on them.

extremely obese dog
Frannie sitting on a crate

Gradually, with thyroid medication, rehab exercises, and a strict diet, the pounds began to melt away, and the dog developed a renewed personality.

According to Bram, Frannie is now a “completely different dog,” as hidden aspects of her personality have been emerging steadily.

As per a video shared at the end of February, Frannie was able to run and play fetch just like any other normal dog.

Bram has now requested to adopt the pup as she continues her rehab journey and walks almost a mile every day. As of now, Frannie’s weight is down to 90.6 lbs.

Maya Bennett