Skoolie life

The Adventure of Josh and Emily: Embracing Skoolie Life for Freedom and Travel

Would you like to live a skoolie life?

The US is witnessing a continuous rise in housing costs, so what do you do?

To break free from the mundane and sedentary lifestyle, one couple chose to live like nomads.

Josh and Emily Scherrer, both engineers in their late 20s, have undertaken a journey filled with travel and adventure, as per the Good News Network.

That is how their story began, bonding over their love for travel. Both of them have a common love for exploration and a desire for more freedom in their lives.

So, as the pandemic hit in 2020, they got remote work opportunities simultaneously, which they decided to continue full-time.

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The Scherrers saw this as an opportunity to realize their dream of a mobile lifestyle. So, finally in January 2021, they made a bold move and purchased a 40-feet school bus, envisioning it as their ticket to a life of perfect work and travel balance.

Instead of a choosing a traditional mobile home, the couple made a strategic decision and selected a school bus.

The bus was affordable upfront and it also provided ample space, sufficient for accommodating their individual need for separate workspaces.

The couple has lovingly dubbed their skoolie as “Aurora the Adventure Bus,” and have an Instagram account with the same name.

Skoolie life
Bedroom and work area images via their Instagram account

The bus soon became a labor of love for Josh and Emily as they worked tirelessly on weekends and evenings.

They spent 18 months converting the old bus into a comfortable and modern living space. Their skoolie is a perfect blend of comfort and practicality for life on the road.

It is equipped with maple wood ceilings, a shower, a full-service kitchen, solar panels, and satellite internet. Despite sounding fun, the reality of skoolie life wasn’t entirely as they had expected it to be.

Their initial belief that living small would equate to major savings, was shattered pretty soon as the Scherrers found that expenses quickly added up.

Their monthly costs come to an approximate $300 for diesel fuel, $2,000 for annual insurance, and an additional $300 for satellite internet, which is vital for their remote work.

Besides this the regular maintenance of the bus’s septic tank incurred further expenses. But the smart couple soon came out with resourceful techniques to manage costs effectively.

Skoolie life
Small living area and the compact kitchenette

Instead of parking on expensive campgrounds, they opted to park on public lands in the southwestern US, embracing the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Balancing costs along with the pursuance of their passion for exploration, the couple delicately manage both the ends.

The Scherrers have had memorable journeys to destinations like New Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, and Texas despite their financial challenges.

In fact, the frugal couple have also managed to find a way to allocate funds from their budget to invest in a piece of land in Idaho.

Despite their love for a nomadic lifestyle, keeping future and long-term prospects in mind, the Scherrers bought the land for settling down to a stable life someday.

For Josh and Emily, the skoolie is not just a mode of transportation. Aurora stands for freedom, opportunity, and the ability to live a life filled with unforgettable experiences.

Skoolie life
Aurora the Adventure Bus

Given the financial issues and difficulties of living on roads, the Scherrers still believe that the advantages of a skoolie life are far greater compared to the disadvantages.

With every passing mile that they travel, a new chapter of fun and adventure is added to their life-book. If one is determined, then it is possible to live a life filled with exploration, that also leads to fulfillment.

Maya Bennett